Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm tired of Besieged

That's right.

The event lasts too long, gives too few rewards, lags out the already laggerific Aht Urgan area, and interferes with my chances to party.

A Besieged was in progress as I logged on last night so I hopped in, knowing that 650 people in Al Zahbi would reduce the EXP party pool for awhile. It ended about 20 minutes after I joined, and I got a Great Axe skillup (267) and 500 EXP out of the deal. This would have been fine, I guess, if another Besieged didn't hit immediately afterwards...

It lasted upwards of an hour, and netted me nothing but ISP due to a back to back...to back death, and a Raise that lagged out as the trolls retreated.

Waste of time. Even if I had earned the 1000 EXP, it would have been something I could have earned cumulatively on a single EXP chain in a friggin party. I'll admit it's a mildly fun diversion after doing something useful in the game for a few hours, or if you plan on a 5-6 hour session for the day. But it simply taxes too many resources, is too ambitious, and too chaotic, for people who actually want to get other stuff done in a limited time span.

OK, rant done.

At 10PM, I gave up on getting any further EXP and set out to East Saruta to fish up more Ogre Eels before passing out.

Tonight will consist of Temple of Uggly coffer run with Lifthrasir, which is likely to be quite fun.


Faulsey said...

Not to mention that it has a nasty way of whisking the taru away when you most need him.

Guankim said...

Well, I guess I like it since BLM's get hated on recently, and it lets me level mine nice and gradual like! xD And I use the pay taru, so well, I'm cheesy like that, hehe ^^

JOWAH said...

I do share your toughts about besieged >_>;;;
I have only few hours avaiable for playing and then *puff*, it ruins my plans e_e

And Uggalepih coffer = not fun!
It's the most nasty, mean, stupid coffer ever ;_; I spent like 3 day to get my AF there, and I still hate that place.
I really would like to slap SE' programmers for that e_e

Maiev said...

layy besiege makes it all not fun. Not seeing others makes planning strategy un-doable. I mean wouldn't it be cool if the ramp was filled with rangers and blm? and you have lined of paladins?

besiege is a failure imo

Paul said...

Besieged, in my opinion, is a current generation feature slapped onto a late 90's engine. I know SE is keen on polishing their titles to look as good as possible on limited platforms, but they failed on this one.

Guankim said...

Well, the ramp of rangers and line of PLD's would be awesome, as would strats like that in other camps, save one fact: The mobs would just run through the PLD line and eat the RNGs! ><;; Hehe, fun times.