Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ilrussi Atoll. So close. Yet so far away.

I haven't been on much due to RL scheduling issues, but I signed on tonight with the intention of solo'ing the Ilrussi Atoll staging point. I managed to find the Lamia Fang key, which was fairly easy. I navigated to the Arrapago Reef zone nearby at I-6 and found my way across the first reef map without incident.

But I caught Heraldic Imp agro on the second map, in the room where 2-3 of them are fluttering about in the first cave you enter there. Too bad. I thought I was sufficiently sneaky, only to see a nice little Firaga message pop up in my log.

At least I have the path clearly marked, and can easily solo the key again next week. Sort of a fun run; the adrenaline always flows for me when I'm trying to stealth my way to a goal in this game. Haven't felt that charged since my crazy LB3 run.

Guess I'll EXP and craft to pass the time this week...

Not having 6/6 on these Runic Portals is really bugging me though. Must. Get them. Once I get Ilrussi, I'll only be missing the Nyzul Isle staging point, which is a cakewalk.

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