Saturday, January 20, 2007


I've mostly recovered from Viva Pinata, and have started logging into FFXI with a little more regularity over the past few nights.

I neglected to report on 1/13 that I had participated in a successful run for Minusjoker's DRG AF helm fight in the Temple of Uggalipeh. Yes, yet another Paragon fight!

It went fairly smoothly, with the exception of the moment we walked into the NM room and Minus proceeded to aggro every friggin Tonberry behind the door. That ramboesque "entry method" actually turned out for the best, since we needed to clear the pops before the fight anyway... It just caught a few of us off-guard. Lycas joked that MJ's line could have been something like: " [slam] All right, fuckers! Where's my AF!"

Before the trip to the Temple of Ugly, Murrdoc and I were hanging out with Lexxi and competing over who was the prettiest bishonen Lexxi-lackey. Yes, I do have an embarassing pic:

On the 17th and the 19th, I successfully claimed the Dune Widow... for a grand total of 0/4. Yeah, I think I'm finished with her. There are infinitely better ways to be spending my time, though, to be honest, it was a fun camp.

For the first time last night, I was able to join Lifthrasir in an EXPish party! Murrdoc needed to learn Frenetic Rip, which an imp will purportedly only inflict when someone hits it with a critical attack as it attempts to use its horn. So we formed a party: Lycasdemus (PLD), Atrenore (DRG), Minusjoker (BLM), Zorrandor (RDM), Murrdoc (BLU), and yours truly.

Caedarva was overcrowded, but we chained imps regardless and had an absolute blast. We hit a nice stopping point around midnight when the zone started to clear out, and our camp gradually became a deathtrap as increasingly more imps spawned unclaimed and started to agro-link on the pulls.

We eventually got ourselves into the dreaded scenario: "omg, 3 Imps and we're all silenced and amnesia'd, lmao." Yes, we wiped... hard. And it was funny as hell.

Minusjoker survived because he'd literally fallen asleep. He managed to wake up a couple of minutes after the incident, and raised Atre, Doc, and myself, only to aggro another unfortunate pop, at which point my laughter caused me to lose control of the keyboard.

Doc had warped as soon as he got back up, but Atre and I hung out for some reason. I was mostly inactive because I was laughing too hard to do anything. But I eventually equipped my cudgel and waited to see if he could get Sleepga 2 to stick. When he finally hit the double-digits, I warped my ass out... watching Atrenore drop a second before I dissappeared ; ;

Fun times! And I mean that without a hint of sarcasm. Oh wait, that sounded like sarcasm about being sarcastic. But it wasn't. Honest! It was the most fun I've had in awhile.


Faulsey said...

laughter is NOT the best medicine when your friends are dying around you...

Paul said...

That's OK, they were all laughing as well. Not much you can do when 3 of those link and Sleepga won't stick.

We were all sleepy and ready to log anyway.

Darrett said...

lol@your experience party.

Dune Widow, she's evil I tell you, almost as evil as Stray Mary. 2/23 on her.

BTW, those are a ton of wyverns at the DRG AF helm fight o.O.

Paul said...

Atrenore, Maloc, and Minusjoker all came as Dragoons to that AF fight ^^

ignorepet /on FTW!

Now if only I could turn down that flapping wing sound effect -_-.

Guankim said...

I had a fun one of those OMG's the other night meriting on RDM with the 3-imps >.> Save that I wish I had /NIN or even /BLM... wait, no! /BRD and Lullaby ftw! my singing skill would be up to par for imps... /cry

Hehe, but the BLU wiped, as did I - the BLU from solo'ing one down to SO near death, the melees beat one to death, and I...failed the sleeps and tried to kite the other one, which sucked royally as /WHM >.> And of course, while running it around, the inevitable happened: RR fell, and death followed.