Friday, January 26, 2007

Parade Gorget

I logged in with the intention of taking another stab at Treasures and Tribulations and fishing the rest of the evening. However, as I was headed to Giddeus for the BCNM, Raikoh asked for help with his Parade Gorget NM fight in Oldton Movalpolos. I volunteered and had enough time to complete the BCNM for some decent drops: Quake and a Fencer's Ring. I was hoping for another Astral Ring, but Quake is a very decent consolation prize (90-100k on my server).

Raikoh recruited another 75 WAR, Aryus, and scoured the auction houses and bazaars for Goblin Drinks. Aryus eventually found a couple and we headed out to Gusgen -> Movalpolos.

To kill the time while waiting for them, I fruitlessly camped Stray Mary in the highlands, and came away with 12 sheepskins, and a Rogetsurin from a random NM kill (Bendigeit Vran).

Another party was camping the pop points in Movalpolos, so we stayed at G-13 for a bit, hoping for a pop there, then eventually gave up and checked the other two areas... and found the Scrawled Writing at I-9 (from the southern corner of that position). We popped the Goblin Wolfman, traded hate for an easy fight, and Raikoh got his Parade Gorget on the first try.

Aryus asked if I wanted to try for a gorget as well, since he'd brought two drinks, and I accepted. We built up TP to pass the time while remaining at I-9 to check for a repop. Fifteen minutes later, the Scrawled Writing appeared at the same location, and we both piled on Aggressor, Berserk, Mighty Strikes, and alternated Warcry to plow into the poor NM with 300-TP Rampages at the outset of the fight. Another fast battle, and another Parade Gorget dropped.

Considering the odds I've heard on the drop, I'm stunned.

Another fun way to spend an evening! Certainly more fun than last night's activities -_-; I'll take up Feon's advice and make the second attempt at Ilrussi Atoll on either NIN or a level 1 character, since I really don't want to eat that much EXP loss again.


JOWAH said...

For the staging point, just bring a BRD/BLM with you. BRD/WHM with teles work too. Or at least BRD with any random warp/tele items
That how I helped a friend of mine ^^
Imp are very sensible to Lullaby, and it will stick a little longer.
You will need to sleep them only @very end of you travel, when you're almost to staging point.
BRD aggro and Horde all the imps, then tele/warps himseld, and you can get through :)

Faulsey said...


Frazzle says:
i hate frohike
Frazzle says:
he has a dam parade gorget :'(
Frazzle says:
refresh above 80% health ftw
ok he didnt get it but someone he knew did
dam i need to start playing that again
Frazzle says:
oh wait he does have one!
mabey i should have read the whole blog before comenting

I lol'd.]

Congratulations, btw.

Frazzle said...

dam you faulsey
the gorget will be mine of yes, it will be mine!

Paul said...

Thanks for the congrats Frazzle & Faulsey, and for the advice, Jowah!

Hey, Lexxi, if you're reading this... need any uh, staging points?

/em looks sheepishly at the ground & blushes.

Darrett said...

Good luck with your portals. I still have to get that new one that was opened up recently. And congratulations on your parade gorget...Now get a job to the point of using it ^^ (do you have PLD leveled or DRK? Can't remember)

Paul said...

I haven't unlocked DRK, and my PLD is at 1.

Yeah, that's just wrong isn't it?

I do intend to take up PLD for some tanking fun, and who knows... I might take it up there in levels. At least until the invite rates start to really suck in the 60's.

It would be an interesting expansion of my experience of the game, much like WHM was... which I also want to level some more.

But the gorget is obviously going to sit in my locker for awhile.