Sunday, September 10, 2006

What next?

The past couple of nights have been inviteless, and I've been unable to scrounge up enough people who are willing to party. So I've mostly been fishing, and thinking about next steps. The O-hat and a couple of 2 million gil axes, among other things, loom out there. I have no sky access, haven't cracked the promies, and need to progress further in my crafting.

To be honest, crafting and fishing are becoming more alluring by the day, but I'm hesitant to fully go in this direction, since I believe part of that impetus is self-doubt. Can I really push the rest of the way to 75? Am I ready?

But another part of it is an attempt to be realistic. I'll probably never participate in more than a few random sky runs, and CoP, while nice, sounds like a monumental pain for ... what? Some storyline and sea access for Limbus? Am I Limbus material when I play such weird time windows? Maybe I should look into Dynamis, but that effort just seems so time-consuming and draining with the Dynamis LS mentality.

In mulling these thoughts, discarding some, shuffling others, I'm wondering if it's time to prepare for another job. And this, of course, brings me back to the gil to support a new career. I need more ways of making it, and I'm tempted to go for 100 on Alchemy and pumping gil into Goldsmithing, slowly, over the course of fishing and leveling other jobs.

Anyway, as far as actual actions in the game, I helped Jeston, a career WHM, get the parasite skin drop for his Warrior AF2 last night. It was a fun run through Castle Oztroja, and we only needed to dodge aggro on the third level so it was rather easy. It was funny to think of my crazy solo LB3 run through this place, in mortal fear for most of the final stretch. {Adventure}!

I got a nice comment from a reader named Feon last night as I was fishing in Jugner, and this made my evening a bit brighter. So, thanks!

In fishing news, I've broken into level 27 and have now officially traded over 1000 carps. 1047 to be precise. Only 8953 more to go! {Adventure}!

I was in a brief party tonight which brought me about 1.5k into level 71. So I guess some immediate goals to accomplish will be re-capping Great Axe, which I've let slide for a level again (and I call myself a Warrior... pshh) and breaking the latent on the Axe of Trials for my Steel Cyclone WSNM.


Tuufless said...

In my opinion, take a break and work on getting sky access. Although its importance now has all but gone for xp (thanks to ToAU), it's a very nice break from the grind, and besides, it'll get you used to the more time-consuming CoP missions. ^^

Not to mention that the Ru'Aun Gardens is one of my favourite zones in the game. ^^

Jowah said...

I agree!
Exping is not everything in this game. Sometimes I'm happy taking a break leveling my npc, doing quests, missions, and helping my friends (I like hanging with them^^)
And yes, Ru'Aun Gardens is an awesome zone. But I like most sea and Tavnazia.. (i don't have access to them but I've seen those areas from my bf' bro pc)

Paul said...

Thanks for the comments!

And good points.

After that entry I took a glance at my to-do list and felt a bit foolish for acting so aimless. I've got plenty to do...I just need to focus, and stop EXPing.

Doing some ZMs does sound like a nice change of pace. That'll be my next step after the Axe of Trials.

Darrett said...

Sky is just nice to look at. So is Lufaise Meadows. And the waterfall in Misereaux Coast (sp?) is just breathtaking. Good luck with that whole crafting thing. Right now I'm a little crafted out. Switched to trying to get some RARE/EX stuff for my BRD and RDM although the drops have been horrible.

Good luck getting to 75. After that the adventure begins anew!