Monday, September 18, 2006

The start of something new

I had the good fortune of logging in as the Mamool Ja were retreating from Al Zahbi last night, leaving me with a rather large audience in Whitegate to hear my shout-spam for the Greenman WSNM battle. A Japanese party picked me up within 15 minutes of shouting and we were off to The Sanctuary of Zitah to chop down a tree. The fight lasted 3-4 minutes but was pretty uneventful, aside from seeing the fireworks of Spiral Hell and Savage Blade... and how quickly a DRK can rip hate away from a PLD.

We checked the ??? after the battle to recover the key item "Annals of Truth" and Tele-Dem'd out to Konschtat Highlands for the long walk to Bastok Metalworks. Here Iron Eater gave us a thankfully brief "voiceover" to a rather cheesy sensei-student flashback and awarded us with our final Great Axe weaponskill: Steel Cyclone. It looks pretty in action, but is rather difficult to snapshot, so pardon the crappy picture.

I'd recently offered my help and companionship to an active and small social linkshell by the name of Lifthrasir that I'd found on the Ifrit community forums, and I had received a very friendly response from its members, including the leader. So I had the privilege of meeting several of them last night and helped them out with the San D'Oria Rank 7 fight, which was quite a bit of fun...running around Ranperre and goofing off while we waited for everyone to arrive. They're a very charismatic tight-knit group of people, for the most part grown adults, several with children my age. It really felt...nice being part of such a group. I felt at home in a very brief amount of time. I can only hope they'll let me hang out again sometime.


Faulsey said...

Congrats on Steel Cyclone :o

Have you been on CC recently? I'm never on enough to see much going on. Asking because you mentioned "offering your companionship" there. You left?

Darrett said...

Congratulations on Steel Cyclone.

Good luck with the new shell. Yeah, the push to get to endgame activities *shudder* Probably wouldn't even have done Dynamis if it hadn't grown out of the social LS.

Paul said...

Thanks! It was fun to run around Qufim to play with it ^_^. I can see this being a powerful weaponskill in NM battles when you can get your TP up before the fight. I think I need to level /THF further to maximize this potential though.

To Faulsey: I have the pearl, but I haven't equipped it since Sunday because I disagree with the decisions/inaction of the leading members. They're buying into a culture that I just don't believe in anymore.

If they want to do endgame stuff, fine. What's not fine is leaving the home LS to flounder in the process... And in my own biased opinion, they shouldn't feel the need to join what constitutes a fraternity to enjoy the high-level content.

This is just deja vu for me anyway. When Weaz left last year and everyone made such a big deal about it, I didn't really... get it. He and many others had left the shell months before he went on hiatus, much the same as what is happening now. People just don't realize it yet.

I don't care to watch version 2.0 of the devolution of CC.

tsakiki said...

Congrats on Steel Cyclone! One question - "long walk" to Bastok? No chocobos at the crag that night? :)

Sorry to hear about the linkshell issues. Things like that can really be hard on one's morale.


Paul said...

Bird ride counts as a long walk doesn't it? Especially when you're waiting to get the WS and use it for the first time ^^;


i lubb u man

Paul said...

FURF! o_O Long time no see!