Saturday, September 16, 2006

Greenman, here I come

Thanks to a skillup/latent party this evening, I've successfully broken the latent effect on the Axe of Trials and traded it for the key item (Map to the Annals of Truth), which I'll use to force-pop the NM Treant by the name of Greenman to acquire my final Great Axe weaponskill: Steel Cyclone. This WS is STR modified and TP-multiplied, and therefore typically used at 200% TP...or less if using the Martial Bhuj for the TP bonus.

I took a couple more parties after the last one I reported to gain the full 300 WS points. I was forced to take a Kuftal party for the last leg of the process, since I wasn't getting any bites for a party in the tree and someone else was spamming for a latent-busting party in the aforementioned zone. So I acquired no Great Axe skillups beyond the 250 I reached last night, which is actually pretty good considering the cap was 251 right before I dinged 71.

I'm going on our first family camping trip with the kids tomorrow, so I probably won't have any updates until Monday.

Happy gaming, everyone, and have a good weekend!


Jowah said...

Whoa, seems it's skilling up time lately @_@!
And have a nice trip^^

Darrett said...

Have fun with the camping! in RL, no in game ^^