Friday, September 22, 2006

I feel pretty...oh so pretty

At level 71, I'm amazed at how good I look. Yes, when you reach my level as a Warrior, you too can look as awesome as...this:

249633132_a001f39c48_o 249633120_bd708a44a7_o

I put some little comment tags on that first photo, in case you want to know the proper nomenclature for the components of this amazing gear set.

In fact, I looked so tremendous as Besieged began that I actually caused mobs to /say "o_O;" followed by a weird line in the status log before promptly killing me off:

[mob_name] is intimidated by Frohike's fashion sense.

I've never seen that before. Very cool.

After Besieged was over, I didn't have enough time to spam-shout for a ZM4 group, and I'd spent the last couple of nights fruitlessly doing this, so I put up my flag (sorry Tuuf, I promise I'll get on the ZMs) and got a party with an entirely Japanese group. They took about a half hour to find a tank, and for whatever reason they decided on a Bibiki Bay camp after cycling through several other bizarre options including The Boyahda Tree and Dragon's Aery.

Our roster was: WHM, BLM, BRD, NIN, RNG, WAR.

It went rather well and everyone was on their game. I saved the Ninja from death a few times when a Hobgoblin would land those nasty crits on the triple-attack. But it happened one time too many and my attention slipped, resulting in tank death. This left me no recourse but to don my full AF and cause the mob to suicide bomb almost immediately. Otherwise the party went smoothly, and my goofy looking gear actually performed quite well...unfortunately. I'm about 20k TNL.

NIN Warcry - {Good job!}

I woke up this morning with 'In the Navy' stuck in my head because my new LS is insane. I have a feeling I'm going to fit right in.

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Darrett said...

Oy! 'In the Navy' and 'I Feel Pretty'. Interesting music running through your head.

"...I feel pretty and witty and bright..."