Monday, September 04, 2006

Maybe Bibiki Bay isn't so bad...

The EXP is definitely slower, but now that most people are choosing the new zones, the competition is thinning out a bit in the southern camps.

I started the night in Al Zahbi, joining 300 or so people in failing our server miserably and losing the Astral Candescence. I put up my flag immediately upon completing the event and got an invite fairly quickly from a largely JP party: SMN, RDM, COR, WAR, WAR, NIN

The initial plan was to go to the Azouph staging point, but since the AC had been taken, this was no longer a good option. So we all opted for Bibiki Bay and went for the southern G-10 camp, targeting the Hobgoblins once again, and avoiding the Blaggers when possible. We then decided to move to a Dhalmel camp ag G-9, performing quite well even when we managed to get 2 adds for one long camelfest. Then another party showed up so we moved yet again into a little nook between G-9 and 10 and targeted both the Dhalmels and Hobgoblin Alastor's when possible.

A rather fun night considering the zone, mostly because I think I decided to be engaged and really try to get the most performance out of my setup: staggering Aggressor and Berserk cycles rather than simply synchonizing them in a macro, gear swapping based on individual mob evasion, more gear swapping during WS based on the particular mob, and timing Rampages appropriately on the camels to get the chains closed before Healing Breeze kicked in.

Another good, productive night.

My only regret was in letting Great Axe slip again during all the fun.

I'm about 11k into level 69 now.


Jowah said...

I'm currently leveling in Bibiki too (just hit 68) and I can say that exp is not bad if you have a good party and a good leader^^

Paul said...

Yeah, that's what I've discovered the past couple of times I was there. The rate of EXP is still a bit slow by ToAU standards, but if I'd been EXP'ing at this level before ToAU ever came along, I probably would have been pretty pleased... especially since more BLM were probably seeking and skillchaining here was a bit more common before the expansion.

I was lucky that the last couple of parties weren't raised on a strict diet of TP-burning.

Guankim said...

However, I've found MB parties very fun here, as opposed to TP burning xD LOL. But the nice SC setups were beautiful, we had a 2x BLM setup with RDM heal, WAR, WAR, NIN, went very well, about 10k in an hour and a half, so I was content :)

Jowah said...

Being a bard i really don't like TP parties, i like most watching magic bursts and playing around with Threnodys.
And my set got a BLM (my RL' BF huh xD!) so we can mb as much as we want!
Set -> BRD THF BLM, and random people...usually the pt ends with +NIN, RDM or WHM and another DD.
Lovely setup! (it is if your ninja does not suck lol!)
Bibiki rox!^^

Darrett said...

Yup. We used to light SC on the Dhalmels and goblins in Bibiki Bay. Fun times bursting with the BLM or RDM using Banish III (while they did some Fire spell). Don't know what the new areas are like yet. Good luck on that march to 75.