Sunday, September 03, 2006

A series of fortunate events

I did some more Jugner fishing while LFG a couple of nights ago and eventually dinged 24, and soon thereafter landed a Mount Zhayolm party around 11PM. It wasn't exactly an epic party, but it lasted long enough to bring me within 1300 of level 69. Since it was a TP-burn and we couldn't get past chain 5 or 6 on the crawlers anyway, I got my Great Axe back up to cap at level 241. Between the RNG and I doing 600-700+ damage on our WS spam, I was amazed at just how well the PLD maintained hate throughout the party. I logged out around 1AM, tired but satisfied... and mighty tempted to go up against Maat and get it over with.

I was fortunate to be able to log in at 5PM yesterday and attend Sannobia and Lilrusso's wedding in Chateau D'Oraguille. The event was cute and touching, although the GMs really should have told the couple that there would be a 15 attendee limit beforehand, as well as warned them about a few of the FFXI wedding rules:

No weapons or hats allowed.
No running. Auto-walk only.
All attendees must be wearing the same pearl.
No emotes (out loud).
No one can enter area before the appointed time.

I think that about covers it. As you can imagine, getting everyone to follow these guidelines, especially when there were close to 40 of us, was a bit like herding cats. Only one person found it appropriate to mess with the rules, refusing to take off his pimp hat (or alternately putting on his halloween hat), shouting, and running... and I believe he was booted from the area. Faulsey, you can probably guess who that person was -_-;

Anyway, I took a few pictures and hope they turn out. I'll post them here and on Flickr as soon as I can. We all had fun with fireworks at the end of it.





Last night was a 'dry' invite night, but I continued to fish for awhile. I was unsuccessful in coaxing a WHM and BRD who were both seeking a party into forming one with me and some assorted melee (we were the only English speakers on... what were they all waiting for, the second coming?).

When that didn't work out and 11:30PM rolled around, I was resolved to make something of this night and felt that it was time. Time to gather my items, set up my macros, read the strategy one more time, and trade my testimony to Maat. Dun dun duuuuuuun!

Here was my gear:
  • Colossal Axe
  • Bomb Core
  • Walkure Mask
  • RK Collar
  • Spike Earring x 2
  • Hauby
  • AF Hands
  • Venerer Ring
  • Woodsman Ring
  • Amemet +1
  • Life Belt
  • RK Breeches
  • AF Feet
And my Maat fight prep items:
  • Icarus Wing
  • Opo-opo necklace
  • Stack of Sleeping Potion
  • Blink Band
  • Meat mithkabob
I equipped the Opo-opo necklace and consumed 11 sleeping potions, bringing my TP to around 240 (I had panicked and eaten one before I even entered the BC, lol). I took the opportunity during the down time to put on some mellow ambient music and finish my pint. Once that was done, I put on my Blink Band and used it, then switched everything to my battle set and popped a meat kabob.

When I got within range to engage, I drew my weapon and cast the Death Warrior sequence: Aggressor, Berserk, Mighty Strikes, Warcry. I did as the guide said and ran at him "screaming like the crazy viking you are at heart" and the following transpired (due to the 2-hour, all hits were crits):

Frohike hits Maat for 233 damage.

Maat misses.

Frohike hits Maat for 236 damage.

Maat eats one of Frohike's shadows.

Frohike readies Raging Rush: 1133 damage

Frohike uses an Icarus Wing

Frohike readies Raging Rush.

Maat eats one of Frohike's shadows.

Maat: "Hmm that was a mighty fine display of sk..."

Frohike hits Maat for 911 damage
Fragmentation: 68

Frohike hits Maat for 191 damage

BCNM over.

Clear time - 8 minutes, 21 seconds

Frohike walks away without a scratch, and promptly has a heart-attack when he realizes he'll never have to worry about another Limit Break ever again.


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