Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Two birds, one stone...or...Great Axe

And we weren't killing...birds. Oh I give up. Frohike misses the Post Title.

In order to simultaneously skillup Great Axe and break the latent on the Axe of Trials, I've spent the past couple of nights killing lots and lots of crabs in The Boyahda Tree, closing level 2 chains with various people. I haven't had the fortune of closing level 3 chains yet, but I basically took all the help I could get.

Les and Lee (Gimppy and Rocco respectively) helped me last night on the first leg of the latent break before passing out. At midnight, I still managed to recruit another skillup group, but 2 of the 6 didn't understand the skill vs. mob level concept and had to disband.

I had a much faster response shout-seeking in Whitegate rather than Jeuno tonight, and ended up landing a BRD and WHM, and 3 WAR and a SAM, within about 15-20 minutes of shouting. I added "190+ skill recommended" caveats to the shouts, but one of the WAR still "discovered" the principle once we started killing crabs and he announced his GA was level 120 and wasn't connecting very much. He still stuck around long enough to unlock Calamity on his regular Axe.

The process has been very relaxed, and actually enjoyable until the sleepiness sets in.

I'm now roughly 177/300 on the latent (I think I forgot to log a few WS here & there).

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