Sunday, August 06, 2006

To be a newbie again (part 1)

I've befriended a brand new UK player and nicknamed him Yaka since I can never remember the last part of his name ... Yakamake? Yakazuki?

Yes, I'm bad with Japanese names. Sorry folks.

He had been sending questions to the CC shell during my previous EXP session in Zhayolm: stuff about the chocobo quest, subjobs, and Bastok mission 2-3. And it was incredibly difficult to not answer them, but I really couldn't give them the justice of a fully formulated reply since the party was keeping me pretty busy.

He was a level 17 RDM at the time, and obviously didn't have a subjob yet. Roben had helped him with the items, so at least he was covered as far as that quest.

When I logged in around lunchtime today, he was still asking for help with 2-3 so I pounced. He needed to kill Warchief Vatgit, and then go to Windy to get a commission to kill the dragon in Giddeus. I didn't have much time, since my son would be up from his nap soon, but I joined up with him at the Ghelsba Outpost to go kill Vatgit (it had killed him and a buddy when they tried to duo it). As usual there were lots of questions about subjobs, where to EXP next, what jobs were like, what people expected, etc.

I'm almost glad he's taken up RDM and not something more familiar to me or I would probably 'nanny' him a bit too much in how he chooses to play his job.

We had to kill Vatgit twice because the first time was for nought: he hadn't flagged the proper CS in Sandy yet (lesson learned). By the time we killed him again and returned to Sandy, my son was awake.

Before I logged though, he asked me if I would craft some Bee Spatha +1 for him if he got the materials and I said sure (I've never been commissioned to craft anything so this felt really cool ^^;). When I logged back in tonight, he wasn't on, but I prepared for the eventual BCNM anyway and purchased all of my level 25 gear for the capped fight. We'll definitely still need a healer, so hopefully someone else in the LS will step up and give us a hand.

For the fun of it, I crafted a free Bee Spatha+1 for him and sent it to his MH, selling the 2 NQ leftovers.

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