Friday, August 25, 2006

Easing in (and To Be a Newbie Again - Part 3)

I've decided it's time to bite the bullet and start upgrading my gear. So I did some shopping when I first logged in and purchased a Victory Ring for 500k, putting my Puissance+1 up for 140k, and the Combat Caster's Boomerang+1 for 50k. This will bring my sum down to an appalling 300k, and I need quite a few upgrades. So my plan over the next few sessions will be to level my Ninja subjob to the full 37 and sell all of the gear. I don't BCNM, and I won't do Promys with NIN, so I'll essentially be "done" with the job. The gear includes an Emperor Hairpin, so this should provide me with enough funds to make at least one other upgrade which I'm anticipating to be the Spiked Finger Gauntlets.

But not tonight. Tonight, I needed to slack.

I grabbed a couple of stacks of bait ingredients, my fishing gear, a folding chair, and a cold six-pack and set up camp at Lake Mechieume (in Jugner). The skillups were slow but I eventually dinged 21, and an additional .2 awhile after that.

Yaka was on, quietly puttering away in Palborough Mines. Although he's completed mission 2-3 and is currently level 24 on his Red Mage, I've seen him on several nights with a Warrior sub... at level 6. And yes, it's his only sub. So I let him in on the whole "gimped sub = no invites + lots of pointing and laughing" spiel that I assumed he understood the last time I gave it to him. It seemed to sink in, but who really knows. Other people in the LS are growing a bit exasperated with him (one of the most patient people in the group told me he was "high maintenance"), but he's got that 'spark' that new players have that's just fun to watch.

So I helped him with his Palborough Mines key for the Khazam airship pass quest, although in hindsight I probably shouldn't have done this. He needs to stay the hell out of the jungles until that sub is leveled. I guess he'll learn the hard way.

All in all I took it easy on my first real night back, although I admittedly remained logged in for a bit too long. I had one too many {Tavern} {drinks} which tends to render me a bit clueless about time.


Faulsey said...

You got him his keys? ; ;

I know that he's new, but, how many times have we told him to level his subjobs? He just will not listen >.<

I think he's one of the "I'll just get 30 any way I can so I can get X advanced job" newbies.

You're a lot more patient than I am.

Paul said...

I know. The more I thought about it, the worse I felt. At least he was partying with a /BLM sub last night, but it was gimped as well.


Darrett said...

Fausley, that is the attitude I see with a lot of the newer players. They're in a rush to get to 30 to get the advanced jobs. They don't know how to make gil and complain that everything is too expensive (e.g. won't pay 3K for a silent oil to get to Norg) and expect everyone to take them places and drop what they are doing to help them. I find myself getting irritated. If you can't afford silent oil, how are you going to afford your ninja tools etc.?