Saturday, August 12, 2006


What's today's secret word, Conky? Well, Pee Wee, today's secret word is: dearth. Every time you hear someone say the secret word, scream real loud!

Yes, I'm a little groggy and punchy. I have a cold.

I did, however, put in a short session last night. I gave up on finding a party after about 30 minutes with my flag up and being unable to put my own group together. We have real a dearth of tanks in this level range who play around 10PM Pacific Time.

So I spent much of my time doing the FFXI equivalent of a garage sale and clearing out old unfinished stacks of random goodies on mules as well as my main character. While doing this, I heard someone ask for help with the Exo mold for their Limit Break 1 quest. The response from those around me was very dismissive, since this was supposed to be the 'easy' drop... as if the person asking could even solo the Exorays at 50 or had any other options but to ask for help. So I volunteered mine; I couldn't resist.

A couple of others in my level range did the same, one of them a Thief, so we basically had to wait for re-pops after we slaughtered every Exoray in the Crawler's Nest. It was a fun time, and the mold dropped after about 3 rounds of re-pops. Oddly enough, the mold dropped on my kill.

It was 12AM and I was passing out early, so it was curtains for me. But I hope he got his Papyrus sometime that night.

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