Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh give me a home where the Eruca roam

Drocan is on a rampage apparently. As soon as I logged in tonight I received another /tell from him asking for my TNL.

And you can guess the rest. Most of the party was formed by the time I joined: White Mage, Ranger (yet another old acquaintance named Looney who helped me with my LB1 long ago), Black Mage, Samurai (Drocan again), Warrior, and Ninja. I was on a Chocobo on the way to Halvung within 10 minutes of logging in.

205571904_b96d9faf1f_oThe party went fairly smoothly with only a couple of problems.

We couldn't really skillchain Distortion on the crawlers for awhile. My Axe was capped and I decided that I couldn't let my Great Axe slip, so I equipped that and informed the party that the best Looney and I could do would be Slug Shot + Raging Rush for Induration (Ice), since the Ninja didn't have Blade:Ten. It was OK, but certainly not as nice as a Distortion with MB. Looney's first job to 75 was Warrior, so I knew he would understand. It took a couple of hours, but the GA eventually capped out and I switched back.

205571911_af2f06a99b_oThe second problem, which I've become resigned to unless I'm lucky, was hate control with the Ninja tank. I think the picture illustrates it well enough. Dead horse beaten.

Before Looney disbanded for some sleep, he sent me a /tell to let me know how good it was to see a Warrior using a Great Axe for a change. From a veteran Warrior to another, this meant a lot to me and I thanked him...and let him know I was sharpening that GA for Maat's ass.

You hear that Maat? It's the sound of your doom.

205572001_43560e4d13_oHis replacement was Slowmo the heroic Blue Mage from a few nights ago. Unfortunately by the time he arrived, the party was nearing the disband phase, but we had enough fun to cap out his EXP ring. We disbanded soon thereafter because

  • People were getting tired and sloppy
  • Sanction wore
  • I was going R0
  • Drocan had hit 68 (lowest in the party was 65)
All in all a decent night of EXP at around 16k, bringing me halfway to level 68.


Faulsey said...

Oooh, I can't wait till I get to the level as NIN where I lose hate every other second... >.<;

Seems your karma has fixed itself (for now), and you're getting decent parties.

Gratz on halfway to 68 /grin

Isadora said...

as a NIN75 myself, it helps if you bring along equip swaps, gear that +Enmity (though its bloody expensive)

anyway, WAR isnt made of paper like NIN is, you're tough enough to take a few hits ;D

Paul said...

Yeah I've just come to accept it and accommodate for it now. Not quite as pissy about it as I was before. A quick Voke and Warcry usually do the trick and Defender in the cases where my shadows are down.

All fine & dandy as long as the Ninja accepts it and doesn't get angry at me for it (which happened awhile ago, but hasn't recurred, thankfully)

Darrett said...

*eyes glaze over* Melee talk. Talk about something this mage will understand *grin*