Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Experience Point Cursna. Ready!


I broke my rule and logged in tonight, just to see if I could break the trend. Tons of flags were up: THF, NIN, BLM, SMN, SAM, MNK, BRD... the works. I was sending /tells to the first few folks when an old friend Drocan sent a {Hello!} my way. I noticed his flag was up:

-Frohike: "You're seeking, eh?"
-Drocan: "Not anymore."
Drocan invites you to his party.
5/6, need healer

Turns out he was gathering the same people I was. So we put together a solid international party of level 66 players: SAM/THF, WAR/NIN, WHM/BLM, BLM/WHM (an old friend Sassafrass /wave), NIN/WAR, BRD/WHM. And we headed out to Mount Zhayolm for the usual camp.

Another group was at the entrance to the Eruca zone, and I warned the party that we should take the back camp and beware the pop... but Drocan wanted to stay put. So much for courtesy, I suppose. The other group was immediately on the defensive and told us to GTFO to the other camp, as I assumed they would. I finally conviced our party to move, but they stopped a few feet into the first section and set up camp there. -_-

The other group took awhile to realize they had gotten their panties in a bunch over nothing. The mobs were plentiful and neither of us were interfering with each other's pulls. So it worked out, and they responded positively to my conciliatory tells (aside from one dude who apparently blacklisted me for some reason).

The EXP flowed smoothly, with a simple SA+ Tachi: Goten + Rampage = Distortion and MB.

The crawlers dropped pretty quickly and we nailed chain 5 every time. I had to get a replacement a couple of hours later for some sleep (a couple of other people were doing the same). In the 2-hour session I earned 12k, dinged 67, and got close to a 10% buffer. I can only hope the trend continues in future sessions.



Faulsey said...

Congratulations on level 67. You deserve it after what you've been through in the past few parties, ahaha.

Darrett said...

{Config}ulations! Hopefully the trend continues. *casts the strongest Cursna I can* Seems like the mobs pop very frequently in the new areas and camps can hold a couple of parties sometimes. I look forward to experiencing in the newer areas now ^^.

Paul said...

Thank you!

And yes, I really like the spawn frequency in the new areas, though it keeps you on your toes in the case of crawlers... at least during the day. At night, they just spawn and go to sleep XD

I think I'll take a breather tonight and try another session tomorrow night.

taritai said...

^^ Congrats on 67...a level I can never hope to see in this lifetime!*claps!*

Paul said...

Oh you'll see it, especially when you take up BRD. ^_^