Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sick as a Mauthe Doog

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've become progressively more ill, but have hopefully gotten through the worst of it. I couldn't put in much gaming time, what with curling up in a corner and wishing for the sweet relief of death, & stuff like that.

When I did sign on, I did some brainless farming. Beehive chips in Giddeus, Bone Chips in Gusgen Mines. HQ'd about 10 slots worth of goods for... ok profit, I guess. This deflation is really kicking my ass as an Alchemist.

I'm getting ready to go up against Maat, but haven't capped my Great Axe since I got to level 68. I did however take the advantage of a couple of Besieged events to get a level into it. I logged in tonight with the intention of farming tree cuttings, but my friend Drocan needed his Samurai test... so I had some fun in Castle Zvahl instead. It wasn't a very eventful party since we got the drop within 6 or 7 demons (we took 2nd level of the pit in the Orc area).

Right before I logged out, I had the satisfaction of getting a tell from Drocan.

He beat Maat.


Darrett said...

Feel better. Congratulations to your friend. I myself am battling a sinus infection. Ugh.

taritai said...

Feel better, Mr. Warrior!

Who will comment [besides Verrick and Fauls XD] on my journal now!?!