Monday, August 28, 2006

It's my birthday. It's my birthday.

I'm gonna LFG like it's my birthday.

But no party for me tonight. It's alright, though, since the RL celebration was heartwarming and I wasn't particularly in the mood to stress out over a virtual party.

I've finished up most of my shopping and taken some advice from the Alla WAR forum. I sold the Victory Ring and purchased a Woodsman Ring and Sun Ring instead, hanging on to the remaining 2 million for upcoming purchases when I level up. I'm not getting the Spiked Finger Gauntlets since the cheaper Tarasque Mitts will provide the ATK boost I need at level 70. And I need to build up a bit more gil to prepare for the Tabarzin/Woodville/Maneater phase anyway.

I may want to try recruiting some members of CC to help me with the Tungi fight, since I really should at least upgrade one of my Axes. I'm not sure if time will permit this, though.

My gear as it stands is OK for the Maat fight, so I'm preparing the rest of my LB5 items and will take up the battle when I hit level 69.

After all the prep work, I took down my LFG flag and went fishing in Jugner, going from 21.6 to 22.8 (and getting around 3 stacks of carp) before calling it a night.

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Darrett said...

Nice with the fishing skill ups. I never had good luck in Junger. Happy Birthday!

Good luck with Maat!