Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blacklist Episode 3: The Return of the Diva

After a couple of uneventful nights of crafting tidbits for profit and/or guild points, I went meriting in the mire last night. For the first time, I was able to effectively use Sis Kebabi, thanks to the Optical Hat. I went in with as much accuracy gear as possible, basically everything in the left-hand column of my equipment wiki, with the addition of the Life Belt rather than the Swordbelt +1. The meat took care of the attack bonus.

Meat! Not sushi! I felt like a Warrior again.

There were a few whiffs during the Aggressor cooldown, but nothing major, and my damage output was much nicer than what I'm accustomed to. I was literally laughing at some of the Rampage damage on the Imps and the occasional Jnun. I soon capped my EXP and phased into earning Limit Points.

Unfortunately, the RDM in the group (the sole healer for awhile) had R0-itis. You know, that annoying phenomenon where your connection alternates from second to second between normal rates, then 0, then normal rates, then 0 again, and so forth. It lead to a few deaths, but everyone kept a cool head about it.

About 1 hour into the session, we picked up a WHM who happened to be the person I had blacklisted last month (as a SMN) for repeatedly dropping out of my parties with rude one-liners and no warning. Before he arrived, I warned the group about the potential diva behavior and left it at that, forgetting I had actually blacklisted him.

The diva was apparently on his best behavior though, and uncharacteristically quiet [insert sitcom laughter here]. Sometime later, the leader went AFK during one of our bio breaks and never returned, and everyone dropped the party to re-form. I was baffled at first, since everyone did it without any communication. Just...poof... no one in the party but me and the AFK leader. My friend Lurick told me what was going on, and that the WHM had sent me an invite. And that's when it clicked; before I could alter the blacklist, though, Lurick got leadership and invited me.

I removed the WHM from the list anyhow, but I still had my doubts. The party was going well, so there wasn't much of a litmus test for the 'diva factor' still potentially lurking in his persona. Until a couple of minutes later, when three of us announced that we would need to be going in 30 minutes, due to the late hour, and that the party would need to disband at that point.

The party had been going for quite awhile with the WHM, so it wasn't as if we had pulled a "replace & disband" on him, but he barked at us to find replacements and to give him warning before we left.

Lurick barked back, and said 3 in the party were leaving and the disbanding would commence in 30 minutes.

To drive the point home, after every couple of mobs, Lurick would announce an exact t-minus count: "22 minutes, 37 seconds until {Disbanding party.}" From people's behavior, I took it the WHM had actually not been rubbing people the right way, but he'd been sticking around this time since we were obviously raking in the kills. Heaven forbid our EXP had slowed below a 5k rate or he probably would have disbanded again.

We disbanded early anyhow, when a bad pull killed Lurick for the second time that evening.

I left the WHM off of my blacklist, since his name is cemented in my memory now... Besides, being a caustic diva who can't be trusted in certain situations doesn't completely warrant being blacklisted. Just avoided, when possible.

I'm now roughly 8900 into my first merit point.


Darrett said...

lol@wondering why he was quiet. That was classic. I think that WHM should be happy he gets invites at all. With the mentality that BRD + RDM is the ultimate combo, WHMs have been complaining about invites. I just cue up a PLD tank and we go kill something like a normal party instead ^^

Have fun with merits. I predict that in about 2 weeks you'll have more merits than I have accumulated. I'm a bad meriting person.

Congratulations on your O.Hat. Fun isn't it?

Paul said...

I'm ambivalent about my meriting. I feel like I'm just sort of "whoring" until I figure out what I'm doing with my character.

The allure of boosting crit rate, double attack rate, and trimming down the Aggressor/Berserk timers is powerful, but I also need to focus on what the hell I want to do as a beefed up DD.

In other words, I need to get my damned missions done -_-

But /nod on the WHM thing. I suspect the player really doesn't care about his rep. Saying things like "I could be solo'ing bombs for more EXP" as a SMN is generally a good indicator of this.

Strawberrie said...

I like this Lurick kid. Sounds like something I'd do...

Guankim said...

But Darrett!!!

Don't you know that PLD tank + COR + RDM > all biotches? lmao (yes, I had to poke out your 2 75's ^_~)

Gratz on the fun there, Frohike, and hope all goes well with the move, I'm holding back that time myself. ><