Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm a big fat liar

Did I say I would sleep tonight?

For whatever reason, come 10PM, I wasn't sleepy. Perhaps my brain is adjusting my circadian rhythms to accomodate the constant activity between 10PM - 1AM. Or perhaps I just have an illness.

A party started forming and got underway around 10:30, comprised of RNG WAR WAR WAR RDM WHM. All were 75 but me, to my recollection.

One of the Warriors, Asheress, asked if I had my O-hat yet and I bemoaned the fact that I did not. She'd stumbled across my blog and knew I wanted it badly, and graceously invited me to join a run with her LS sometime next week. They're going for 2-3 other members, so hopefully it won't be a marathon... This does, however, mean that I need to either go farm the eyes, or buy the Hakutaku cluster from a bazaar. I'm not exactly eye-farming material as a WAR, so I'll probably end up buying the cluster. But I'm barely in the 800k range at the moment, so I'll need to work on increasing my sum again.

On the EXP front, I was a flabbergasted noob once more. There were only 3 parties in Caedarva Mire, so the campsite was obvious. I'd never been in a 'merit' style party before and was really not prepared for just how quickly and relentlessly these parties kill. There were stretches where I was never even in 'disengaged' status. A couple of member rotations occurred, but the EXP didn't pause, even when the party was temporarily down to 5 members.

I was humbled as a WAR in this party, which was actually sort of ... encouraging. It means there's plenty of room for improvement, and I like to improve. I could only manage to occasionally pull hate from most of the mobs, as the 2 other Warriors constantly commanded their attention. After seeing these people in action, I'm looking forward to honing my equipment and merited skills once 75 is reached.

The party ended shortly after 1AM, a bit after a catastrophic link of 5 mobs killed a few party members. I managed to survive, but 3 people didn't. Once we raised and EXP'd a bit more as compensation, we proceeded to disband and return to town. The RDM, however, agro'd an Imp on the way back and died again before we could pop our heads out and /assist. And he deleveled to 74 -_-. He said he'd be solo'ing in the Thickets to get the level back.

I'm currently 20k into level 74, a little under half-way there.


Asheress said...

Yo Fro, don't worry bout performance in a rampage PT lol, as long as you contribute to dot and Rampage asap once you get 100%tp you'll be fine. I've been a WAR75 for a long while now, bout 8 months, so I've got all my merits in place already. ^^

4Berserk|4Aggressor cutting my downtime on both to 1:10 seconds. Double Attack+2|Axe skill+4 so I'm able to chomp on meat in Mire w/ a good hit rate. Still need to upgrade Axe skill all the way to +8 tho.

Lotsa good serk/agg & Double Attack combos; 3/3 5DA or 5/5 0DA, totatlly up to you. I chose in between cos I used to offhand Joyeuse alot and that extra time when I'm serk/agg-ed helps w/ my hitrate and dot.

Paul said...

Oh I wasn't discouraged all that much. I mean I wasn't whiffing, and my Rampages were hitting in the standard non-BRD/COR range, so I was feeling fine about my performance.

I was just excited to see how much of a difference merits and improved gear can make. I look forward to working on both.

And... meat build: want it. Badly.

Thanks for the encouragement. ^_^

Faulsey said...

Go Fro, Go Fro!

You're so close to 75 :)

Darrett said...

*starts getting the confetti ready for the big announcement*

Asheress said...

Hey Fro, PD is gonna do the ohat run tomorrow on friday, in the evening. I saw a cluster in battalia down being sold for 700k by flyingsnowe if you need to buy one.

Paul said...

I've contacted Flyingsnowe and s/he was in the process of farming up more eyes this afternoon. S/he will save one for me to purchase this evening.

Hope this all pans out; I'd love to get that hat.

Thanks again for letting Zorr join in too.

Paul said...

Oh and on the EXP front... I was 4k TNL last night before the party disbanded.