Saturday, November 11, 2006


I'll be brief, and write a more elaborate post when I have the time tomorrow.

And Zorrandor got his too:

I got to meet up with some old friends as well: Gimppy, Rocco, Citroen, Lurick (we were all in a 5-person shell way back when we first started), and Phear (from CC).

It was a 9-hat run, and I had the last lot. Only one person left between start and finish, and we averaged 5-minute kills on Hakutaku. Needless to say PhoenixDown obviously knew what it was doing.

A hefty thanks to the entire team that stayed, and a special thank you to Asheress for dragging me into this ^_^. Much appreciated. It's random acts of senseless kindness like this that define the game for me.

Ok, now for some sleep.


Kirsteena said...


Strawberrie said...

Ooh you really lucked out, then. On a 9-hat run, on average like half the people leave by the time it's over. But I suppose if the kills were only 5min each, it's not so bad.

Just... the wait in between pops is what causes most people to leave.


Darrett said...

Congratulations on joining the pointy hat club!

Luckily the 2 runs I've been on, 10 and 11 hats, no one bailed and stayed for all the fights, even after getting their hats. I think too many of them had been on runs where people bailed...and that just ... sucks.