Thursday, November 02, 2006

When I blacklist you...

I'll never do it out of anger. 3 things will trigger an insertion into this list:

  • You run a casino and spam the /shout channel
  • You harrass me over /tell (this has never happened to me)
  • Your behavior indicates, without a shadow of doubt, that you can never be trusted.
Last night, someone was added to the list due to the third reason. This happened when, for the second time, I trusted the SMN to stay with the party until EXP got underway rather than jump to conclusions about how bad it was going to be. And for the second time, he used his status as the party lynchpin to completely dismantle it by rudely disbanding as we were moving camp.

How does the saying go? First time, shame on you. Second time, shame on me. So, before I forgot my mistake, I made a note of the name and blacklisted them. There's just no point in keeping someone who can't be trusted on your radar.

After this fiasco, I ended up scrambling for a healer and refresher for nearly half an hour before giving up and sending people on their way.

An invitation came about a half hour later, to the usual place, and I *gasp* stayed with the party even when I noted that the only healer was the RDM. We made steady, respectable, EXP and I logged out around 18500 into level 73.


Riesse said...

I'm not sure which is worse... Reason 2 or reason 3. :3

Pahya Nahrajh said...

I have a 4th option that reads 4)You are a complete idiot.

Usually people with such poor typing skills that I can't understand what they're saying go there. I figure a) your stupidity makes me hate the game, blisting you makes you invisable and b) I'd pull out my hair if I had to party with you anyway.

Not far from 75 now :D I'm sure you can make your goal, just don't burrrn yourself out.

Feon said...

Gratz on 73 Go GO 1 MOre LV to Ni!

Word Verification ugh lol :p

Paul said...

I'll try turning it off and see how much spam I get.

Anonymous said...

keep your frens close ...

... keep your enemys closer!

sometimes ... not often, but sometimes ... manipulating the typewritten word in a certain 'style' is nothing more than a bit of roleplaying ^^