Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Meriting. Crafting. Moving...

I've joined up with a couple more merit parties and polished off a few nights with Besieged here and there. Although, since my EXP is capped, I probably won't be participating in Besieged any further until the update comes through that enables users to earn Limit Points in the event.

I've placed my first three merits into upgrading Critical Attack Rate a couple of times and plan on capping that before moving on to other categories.

Due to the big move planned for the end of this week, I haven't had much time to do anything other than jump on to craft the GP item of the day and trade it in. We'll be moving in earnest this weekend, and unpacking for awhile after that, so updates will continue to be sporadic as RL becomes more demanding of my time.

When I return, I want to continue building up some gil to fund gear for a couple of melee subjobs that I still need to cap at 37: MNK and THF. I'll probably start with MNK, although I might drop it again when the cost gets too prohibitive and pick up THF for some fun.

I also want to start working on getting my relic armor, so I've applied to Final Heaven, a sponsored Dynamis shell, and want to apply to whichever one the Lifthrasirians have been joining up with (Knights of the Round?).

I'm looking forward to another Savage Blade run which will hopefully happen this weekend or later, since I'd hate to miss Lycasdemus getting this WS on his Paladin (and getting sweet revenge for his prior death to this scorpion).


Faulsey said...

Gratz on your merits :)

I hate moving about, I had 4 moves in the space of about 2 years, and it felt like I was perpetually in and out of boxes I hadn't unpacked in the most recent place, because I didn't want to have to repack them later.

Beware the THF - It's fun, but even in those 7 short levels between 30 and 37, you might find yourself getting worked up about SATA. I know I did. It made me sort of sympathise with the "primadonna" (To quote Atre) THFs :P

Darrett said...

Have fun in Dynamis.

Expect a few deaths from unforseen things. Bring a reraise item and have reraise on at all times. Otherwise you might have to eat an R1 if time is precious.

Relic armor is nice to get. Haven't looked at the WAR stuff. Now if only they made it NPC storable! Our JSE too. I'm starting to run out of space with all this RARE/EX stuff I've been getting...

Aiwe Tasare said...

Merit party? You hit 75?

Hoooorah! Congradulations :D

Pahya Nahrajh said...

*grumbles and points up* Aiwe... that'd be me. Silly multiple accounts.

Paul said...

Thanks, Pahya ^_^

I'm glad a got some small amount of closure before the big move and the holiday maelstrom of activity.

I hope to hop on again soon this week and check up on things.