Thursday, December 14, 2006

The new GM policy is a reality

I noticed a name in red today as I was checking the AH before dinner. He had an 'SGM' logo and it dawned on me that someone was in fact getting their Bomb Core back, in confirmation of the recent annoucement concerning mistakenly thrown/dropped items. Oddly, they carried out the transaction in the /say channel, and everyone quickly clustered around the event.

I checked his gear and it was all preceded by "Judge", Judge Sword, Judge Helm, etc. All of it was Level 1, GM-Only. And the stats were mostly buffed out basic stats, for the most part in the DEF category (e.g. DEF 70 on the body piece). The great sword was similar to non-abjurated relic gear, with 99 damage and 999 delay.

His avatar emitted heat waves that warped the air around him, making the appearance all the more impressive and strange. After he warped out, someone said the 'SGM' stood for 'Senior GM.'

So... there you have it. Apparently we only get one chance to get something like a thrown Bomb Core returned to us though. Use the favor once, and it's gone for good.

I guess that's nice and all but doesn't it seem a bit like they're looking a little too hard for work for the GMs? Wouldn't it be more efficient to implement some sort of equipment 'lock' option on certain slots? Or even a basic 'Disable Ranged Attacks' option would do it, really. It seems oddly un-Japanese to take such a non-preventative approach.

Things that make you go Hmmm.


JOWAH said...

Whoa a GM =D
I so would like to meet one.^^

I think it's a good idead this new policy thing, and now we just need a better control to OBVIOUS gillsellers....

Strawberrie said...

I could never be bothered to read the full GM thing. But this is good to know, in case the Hedgehog Bomb ever goes SHOOOOOOMing at some poor mob.

Faulsey said...

That's interesting.

To be honest, I hadn't checked the GM policy after they updated it.

Since I usually stay on the right sid e of the law, I didn't really think to bother, so I didn't know they were returning items.

Very interesting.