Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Noobin on up

On a whim, I'd decided to get to work on my White Mage sub after acquiring the Maneater. Solo EXP in Ronfaure just seemed like it would be a nice vacation after the two weeks of crafting. And my hunch was correct.

I went the melee route as recommended by "those who came before me", on various boards or wiki pages. Loading up on Selbina Milk helped to reduce the down time while leveling White Mage to 8, but I was still burning through my MP with Dia pulls and Healing Magic skillups. So I still had some down time here & there.

Last night, I prepared to level up BLM, since it was now a gimped sub for my WHM, and decided I needed a nice cheap MP refresh to complement my HP regen. I went the lazy route and simply asked the LS, since many folks have leveled mage jobs, and Jingy recommended Pineapple Juice. This was something I could craft cheaply, so I purchased 8 stacks of Kazham Pineapples from the regional vendor in Port Bastok and put most of them on Frohike, along with a partial stack of water crystals.

Then Jingy recommended a Jack 'o Lantern, which I remember being a nice lowbie accuracy and evasion food. I looked up the recipe and did a double-take... As long as one of the towns owns Lower Elshimo, this synth is super-cheap, and people sell Jacks for 6-7k (probably because most buy the beeswax rather than HQ'ing it). So that's another recipe to tuck in the back of my mind as a good Bazaar synth. I have a few stacks of Ogre Pumpkins for now.

Before I headed out, Jingy kindly gave me some Pamama Au Lait which were quite a bit more effective than the Selbina Milk, albeit unstackable: 2 HP regen for 10 minutes. Nice!

When I finally made it into the forest I ate the Jack o' Lantern, the juice, and the au lait... and marveled at the contrast from my early days here. I simply had no down time. At all. The pugils in particular were wonderful targets because Stone killed them quickly, and they would drop water crystals which I'd forgotten to stock up, so fortunately I never ran out of juice ingredients.

Loading up on all this food led to over-confidence, and a few close calls. But the MPK adjustment made it rather easy to come out alive, especially when a linked mob happened to be a mage and would stop to cast...only to despawn. And since I wouldn't disengage from the target, I could still pause to throw some newbie-nukes at the more persistent chasers and continue running as my HP regenerated. A bit of this and I could just turn around and finish off the mob. Fun stuff!

I logged off with BLM at 6, and plan to take it to 10 tonight. Then I'll switch back to WHM and probably attend a few Valkurm parties once I hit 10 on that job. I'm still reading up on how to not suck as a WHM, in case this whim snowballs into something else. But I have a hunch the Dunes will probably beat the 'noob allure' out of me.


Maiev said...

why um.. jackolantern? doesn't it just give evasion and resistance to sleep? :O

Paul said...

Accuracy +10

Because whiffing as a meleeing mage sucks... big time.

Anonymous said...

haha my last blog posting should make you think twice about going there^^

Jowah said...

Do a favor to yourself and be PL'd ;_;
(and it's wonderful how lot of people are EXP'n subs or other jobs in those days...)

Anonymous said...

sad but true a PL is almost needed in the dunes these days to keep your sanity.

Paul said...

But I won't learn how to be a non-sucky WHM with a PL.

I could try to put together a party of my own to EXP in a non-conventional area, but I'm wondering if that will just frustrate the hell out of me. I don't mind newbies in non-party situations. But... uh... when they're actually killing me, it's a whole other deal.

If I do make one, I'd like to bring the group to Carpenter's Landing out of Sandy. The campsite looks good on paper, so I might go scope it out tonight.

Faulsey said...

It's always relaxing to level up a new job from 1-10.

Unfortunetly, I no longer have this refuge.

I exhausted it with all 18 jobs :P Got 'em all to level 10 on a whim and for fun.

{Valkurm Dunes} {Party}? {Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.}

I envy you, though. I had a significantly tougher time leveling my mages, probably because I didn't think to get cheap juices and HP regen foods.

Lexxi said...

Fro, Ive got a few lower lvl jobs I can lvl with you when I get on? Some melee types that might be good for protection ^^ I'm sure a few others might join in the fun. Please be patient though. We're still trying to get that spell for doc... >.<
PS hey faulsey, remember me? :) you were on our LS invited by Atrenore a long time ago! nice to see ya :P

Faulsey said...
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