Thursday, October 19, 2006

Microsoft, why hast thou forsaken me?

Xbox Live experienced an 'unscheduled outage' last night, and I was unable to log in. So I occupied myself with Oblivion while watching the season finale of Project Runway.

Screw you Jeffrey; your Gwen Stefani crap annoyed me from day 1, and your final collection was no better. Grrr... It should have been Ulli.

I took my anger out on poor Adamus Philida. And I was tame; sticking to the mission and killing him with the Rose of Sithis and taking his severed finger to his successor's desk for a little bonus.

Some people find extremely creative ways to vent, however. If you've had to deal with the 'Adoring Fan' in the game, you'll appreciate the sadistic glee in this video (the player obviously modded stuff quite a bit):


Jowah said...

You should grab a pc version for emergency.
Down*COUGH COUGH*loaded copies works too if you already got your content ID and cd key.
I both log on PC and 360

Maiev said...

dude.. LOL to the vids '-' its very nice, especially the animation XD like how u throw the explosion and ppl blow differently '-'

Paul said...

I would grab the PC version if I had a PC that would play it. Let's see, I have:

-a '99 iMac
-a '95 Performa (Mac, which I turned into a Linux box)
-a '95 Dell desktop (basically just a PS1 DexDrive repository now)
-a crap Dell C610 laptop from work (it's my FFXIclopedia connection when I play).

I want to upgrade to a new Mac but won't have the money anytime soon.

On the video: yeah I love the physics in that game. People have made some very funny videos toppling things down cliffs (and yes the Adoring Fan is among them). My favorite part in the video is where the bodies all fly forward for some reason. And as much as I dislike Drowning Pool, their music worked here.