Friday, October 06, 2006

Mercredi sucks

This yahoo has succeeded in dropping Black Ink from the livable 12k-10k range to an embarrassing 8k or less. If anyone on the Ifrit sees him, please give him a nice /slap. I mean what the hell? It's barely worth filling AH slots with these now. I can HQ these like crazy, but it's almost to the point where I'd be better off selling the Nebs. But... too late for that, since I'm now sitting on upwards of 20 stacks of this product. I oughta smack Mercredi into next Jeudi.

The Poison and Sleeping potion markets have recovered from a week-long slump so it may be time to pick those up again for a quick 200 or 300k jaunt. And I have tons of honey that I held onto for ... no reason really, so it's probably time to sell some Echo drops. Still not sure if they're really worth my time, but I hate staring at multiple stacks of ingredients, especially when I'm so close to the coveted 2 million.

In other news, I went for an easy 80k and completed the quick and painless Sandy quest: The Rumor. This basically involved going to the Oubliette and giving a vial of Beastman Blood (1.5k) to a vampire in exchange for a Drain scroll (worth about 80k). The vampire's description of his 'affliction' and 'research' for a 'cure' made me wish there were such a semi-permanent status effect in this game... they use vampirism quite well in the Elder Scrolls games and I could picture it being used effectively in FFXI as well: weakness in daytime, strength at night, some DRK'ish absorb abilities, strength vs undead, weakness to light spells, and a quest to remove the 'affliction' if needed. Meh, daydreaming I guess.


Strawberrie said...

Isn't it great when people do that? Some "yahoo" on Odin managed to drop Jet Seraweels from 3M to 1.2M singlehandedly, by undercutting himself over and over.

{brain}{Do you need it?}

Anonymous said...

Ouch >< someone did that on Shiva with Shall Shells, my main chars income and cut them by 50% from 20k to 10k in under a week. To bad from him I figured out what mules he was using Rank1 sandy all had Lu's and both fish botted and warp hacked and began with "Sh". I figured out if I spammed a few tells and emotes it somehow screwed up his bot and would occasional kill him he would then appear within 30 seconds or so right back in the same spot. Guess the GM's listened because I didnt see him again and then one character he actualy to me with has not been seen on FFXIAH since sept 7th ^^

BTW this is the mule and I have started a Blog.