Friday, May 25, 2007


After reaching the 160's in sword skill and attempting some rather dangerous solo skillups in the Eldieme Necropolis, I eventually formed a bona fide skillup party in Kuftal Tunnel, which went rather well. I once again had the privilege of playing with Raikoh for awhile and got my sword skill into the 170's.

Robber Crab reminds himself to bring a Reraise scroll to Kuftal

The next skillup session took place in the Boyhada Tree with Feon and the DarkEden group. They were all exhausted from a long Dynamis run, but we stayed together for awhile and I managed to reach level 183 while also whittling away the latent points on my Pick of Trials.

The Tree

A few nights later, DarkEden did a series of Tier 1 assault runs on Periqia (Seagull Grounded). The AI for the NPC we were escorting through the zone was quite annoying and unpredictable. Even when he took a good path, he would stall in cleared rooms or backtrack for no apparent reason, wasting a good chunk of time. We were successful on 2 of the 3 runs, however.

Joytoy builds TP like crazy... Feon out-Rampaged me on every fight

Excaliace's turn-on's: Wearing ruffles, staring at walls, and commenting on people's breath.

Lexxi and I duo'd some EXP in the dunes last night, she on her MNK (16) and I on my WHM (19).

Lexxi vs Goblin Butcher... Fight!

Frohike dispenses bunny wisdom

It was peaceful and fun, and I think the first time I've actually EXP'd with Lexxi. To my embarrassment, I kept fat-fingering my macros (laptop keyboards suck), and at one point ran out of MP on a particularly tough Goblin, resulting in death for both of us. She hit 17 early in the process, and thankfully had enough of a buffer to maintain her level. Raikoh nearly joined us when he logged in around midnight, but Lexxi and I were both passing out mid-battle and decided to call it a night.


Lancer said...

Congratulations on the Joyeuse!!!

But what were you fighting in the Necropolis that was dangerous solo o.O?

Moe said...

I'm sorry I haven't been around I'll try to rescue you in those kinds of situations >.>

Paul said...

Traipsing around deep in the Necropolis is dangerous to a solo Warrior because of blood agro, and massive linkage. Since I was going as WAR/NIN, I could get in pretty hot water if I dipped into the yellow mid-battle in an area packed with undead mobs. Throw in a few status effects such as Paralysis, and it could get riskier than I liked.

And even when I wasn't risking death, regaining all the HP was taking more time than I liked.

Lancer said...

I know what you mean. Find a place where you can safely "camp". When I solo coffer mobs there I stick to Tomb Warrior and Mage only. With capped evasion on WAR I can go Ni to Ni on shadow timers.

These skeletons will get your sword skill to roughly 205 ish. As for resting times Signet takes care of that.

Paul said...

/slaps forehead. Signet!