Monday, May 14, 2007

Chillin & Nukin

I still haven't been on frequently, much to Feon's consternation, but I did log in for a session a few nights ago and had quite a bit of fun with Feon and Cozmos in Qufim!

Cozmos powerleveled Feon & me as we nuked crabs and other sundry mobs. I'd missed Feon & Coz's loopy chemistry, and it felt nice to just relax and nuke away the time without the complications of a full party. I did, however, have a habit of stupidly killing Shock with Rasp -_-. Sorry, Feon. I've got the elemental wheel memorized now, so I hopefully won't make that mistake too often anymore.

Feon also stunned me that night be offering to camp Charybdis for my Joyeuse in the future, which would be absolutely amazing. I'm certainly glad I didn't go whole hog with Axe merits...

He reached 24 on his BLM and I reached 19. I'm now one level away from switching back over to WHM and leveling that to 40. Once that's done, I'll split my time between meriting, crafting, and leveling BST... oh and trying to get CoP done. /sigh

Update: screenshots, got 'em:

Nuke & Drain

Club skill get! Or not.

Cute couple


Faulsey said...

Haha, that eurovision song is addictively bad, isn't it? Finland and Moldovas(Violin awesomeness.) entries were good though.

BLM is lots of fun. I still get the occasional blip with those elemental debuffs. Sometimes you just skip an element on the wheel in your head, and you mess the whole thing up.

Good luck with leveling WHM.

I need to get more CoP done in the next holidays.

Right, new goal, haha.

Darrett said...

Good luck with CoP! The storyline is fun and the battles can be challenging. And Sea ... is just kind of fun to be in (before you start going nuts farming organs).