Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I really should be better at making money.

I mean, really. It's been 3 years, and I'm still going through the newbie cycle of extended play (EXP and other non-gil-earning activities) punctuated by periods of desperate money-grubbing. Frohike's too old for this sh**.

That said, it's not incredibly difficult to find ways to earn gil. I've stumbled across several. They're just not fabulous ways to earn it quickly and in large amounts. The methods I use are more suited to small, extended, incremental earnings that add up to large amounts over time. I should have been doing this all along, like once or twice a week, or every other day. But I didn't, and now I'm broke and bored as I wait for the gil to roll in.

Thanks for the responses to the last post. While fun, and a good way to skillup parrying/evasion on my WAR, Ule Tiger farming just didn't pay enough for the time invested. I'm back to crafting consumables for 3-7k profit per stack and making plans to level my crafting further. I'm also getting some more fishing skillups under my belt, although the 'you didn't catch anything' messages are absolutely out of control. Thanks for breaking fishing, SE. -_-; They'll fix it someday, I suppose.


Moe said...

If absolutely necessary you can go onto my LS forum and get crafting and farming advise. Or set up a BCNM! or KS30!! We are good at those kind of things.
Otherwise you should just farm raw materials or keep on your way. Takign break from the game to wait for stuff to sell. Mules help too >.>

Paul said...

Thanks, Moe. I think I'm OK for now though.

I've actually succeeded in gaining a monopoly on a commonly purchased ninjutsu tool. It uses an ingredient that is rarely, if ever, on the AH and must be acquired by other means... ones that aren't terribly RMT friendly (nor normal player friendly, for that matter).

By massively undercutting people who are plunking one or two stacks out there, or buying them out entirely, I'm maintaining a 5-6k profit, and a 7-10 stack per day turnover.

Kinda ruthless, but hey, if someone else wants to come along and do the work of producing this stuff (and believe me, it takes work) & they buy me out, more power to 'em. Free market!

Moe said...

YaY free market economies!! It is wise that you don't tell me cause I'm always up for a challenge >.>

Feon said...

:O Exploting our NIN Tool needs RAWR! (I dont caure I dont use alot of the tools since hitting 75 I are lazy ninja I know =/)lol anyways Yeah havent seen you around lately play more prz we can clear your pick of trails sometime :p

Feon said...

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What the snap?

Moe said...

Free markets make everything better! XD