Monday, April 09, 2007

Some people play with their Wii

I'm playing with my whammy bar:

I just needed a break and had pre-ordered this awhile ago. I'm a Guitar Hero noob, and I'm completely hooked. The game also introduced me to a band I'd never heard of before. The song was Freya, and felt like a tune from the Black Sabbath era, and it sounded...really good. I'd forgotten how much I liked some of that early 70's style metal. I was surprised to discover that the song was by a recent band, with a debut album early last year. I've been listening to them almost non-stop since I've downloaded their album. Good stuff!

Another distraction has been Zelda: Twilight Princess which my son and I have been playing on the cube since we don't have a Wii yet. We both prefer it to Wind Waker, which we finally finished a couple of weeks ago. He still likes me to retell the final battle with Lord Ganon though ^_^.

Anyway, I'll be back sometime this week. I just needed to take a step back for a while.

See you soon.


Faulsey said...

Yeah, Freya's a cool song :)

Heard it whilst friends have been playing GH games on PS2, though I've refused to play the game, as, even with a game, I have the musical talent of a deaf snail.

Also, it's NOT a fun game when you get stuck in a GAME store for half an hour cause your friends are all taking a shot at Guitar Hero in store.

I swear, they only play guitar hero at home so they can pwn at that whilst in town.

/rant off


Murrdoc said...

See...I picked a good time to take a break :P

Funny story about GH...the family and I were at Best Buy doing some window shopping, when my wife noticed some guy wailing on the in-store version of the game. Imagine if you will, a slovenly and unkept fellow in his late 20's to early 30's, unshaven and well on his way to growing a glorious (nay, magnificent) mullet, with a look on his face that can only be described as the intense-scowl- with-pursed-lips as seen on any mid-80's angry metal star as he pounds out Iron Man by Sabbath. It was quite the sight, but my wife wasn't prepared for it...she thought the guy was playing air guitar lol. I explained that it's a video game, and that the music she was hearing was actually being played by said dude.

She looked at me, looked at him, looked back at me, paused, looked back at him and proclaimed rather loudly "Why not just pay for lessons and learn how to REALLY play?"

Curiously enough, at that same moment, I found myself several aisles away and out of sight of the video game section, coincidentally "browsing" large home appliances...


Heh...had to share lol. I personally think the game looks like a lot of fun, but it would be hard to justify with my wife getting GH with my Fender sitting in the closet! She just doesn't understand lol

Hmmm....ffxi is only $19.99 for the 360 now...


Paul said...

Yep, the GH2 + guitar combo isn't cheap :/, but I figured it's been awhile since my last purchase (Viva Pinata) so I could splurge a little this month on GH and Zelda.

But Fender in the I'd probably have a hard time making a case as well.

That $20 price is a great deal for FFXI, btw. I think I paid around $50 when it first came out on the 360.

It's nice to have the TV-compatible format if you want to just chill on the couch during your FFXI session. If you do get it, play it in component video mode rather than VGA. You lose some sharpness, but the color saturation is much better. And be prepared for screen tearing... -_-. There's no vertical sync on the 360 version, which is inexcusable, IMO.

Moe said...

I am about to buy a 360 just for that game and the ability to play FFVI songs on it. One Winged Angle and For Those Who Fight.

Basically astounished my family when I did that in the store, well these other two songs. Fun stuff.

Riesse said...

The Sword is an excellent band. ^^/

Christine said...

I like playing GH... I've only played it on PS2 but it's fun when you can play with a buddy! Fortunately I don't get the 'wailing' look when I play... I'm very serious. :P

But I won't buy GH- I just borrow from my bros :) I'm STILL on easy mode but I dun care.