Saturday, April 14, 2007

Black Magery

Another job through the dunes. Almost. I hit 17 on BLM last night, starting out a few EXP below 15. And yes, there was the usual procession of subligars, newbies, overhunting, and powerleveling that we've all grown so fond of out here.

As of my last post, I had solo'd BLM to 12, and actually had quite a bit of fun until things started killing me too quickly when Bind wouldn't stick (or stick long enough). EXP in parties after that point was pretty uneventful, and I'd venture to say quite boring actually.

Things get more interesting in the later levels no doubt, when memorizing your elemental wheel becomes a bit more important, and stuff like link control and cure assistance come into play more often. But it's a snoozefest from down here; I won't lie. For some reason I find it more monotonous than WHM, if only because I'm not as directly responsible for keeping the party alive. I'm sure it'll pick up at some point.

In any case, no more bloodwarping for me! Woohoo!

I expect to take this job to 20 or so to ensure that I can at least go to 40 on WHM before making the decision to take that job any further. I must admit that, with the state of my current shell, BST is starting to draw my attention. I'll probably start poring over Halifirien's blog archives when I finish up WHM.

During the drudgery of the dunes, I was treated to a /tell from Tog, a long-time FFXI blog lurker, commenter, and just recently a blog writer. He let me in on his crazy social shell, and powerleveled one of my parties for a bit while exchanging inscrutable conversation over /say with a shell-mate. Good to meet you and your friends, Tog.

Feon, Raikoh, and Gimppy continue to check in and seem to be doing well. Jingy from Lifthrasir looks to be making a return to the game after an extended hiatus. I'm sure I'll find him leveling MNK when I log back in tomorrow night ^_^.


murrdoc said...

Heh...yeah, blm was a drag at first for me too. Originally, I took it to 17 just to have access to Warp. When I started to lvl rdm and toyed with the idea of taking it higher, I decided to go back and get blm up to 37. At the time, the usual suspects also had jobs they needed to get to 37 as well, and our little Lifthrasirian "Roughneck" static began to take shape. Jing, Mal, Q, xt, mj and I rolled through Qufim, the jungles and finally finished in GC.

As for blm, I found it to be a LOT of fun post 25ish. Once I had a few -ga spells that I could mb with (along with tier II spells), I found myself guffawing quite a bit. You know..."BWAH ha ha ha ha...BOOM"
^ ^

Of course, one thing that helped ease the monotony the job can sometimes have was that the static let me do things most blm's wouldn't normally do. Like whack the mob with my staff, melee style. Or pull...


Yup, I said pull lol. I'll never forget running through GC pulling bats and beetles past other pt's...12 instant checks and I'm sure plenty of gossip.

"Was that blm pulling?? o.O"

Congrats on 17, Fro^^ If you happen to see that crazy Galka before I do, give him a /poke from doc!

Moe said...

I receive title of lurker. XD
The conversation was coherent but it was also an inside joke. Be sure to be on more often cause I'm trying to as well. Respect and Peace. ^_^v

tsakiki said...

If you get tired of parties on BLM, you can try soloing worms in Korroloka Tunnel. Much more exciting. :-)

I did that at 18, and had ~300MP, so your mileage may vary.

tsakiki said...

I hit publish instead of preview. :(

Anyway, there's something pretty nice about seeing 200 exp when soloing things and you're not wearing an empress band, even if you have to rest for MP after each kill.