Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Foray into Sky

It was a great adventure, and lots of fun. Thanks, Forevermore!

P.S. I appreciate the axe very very much! It wasn't something I ever expected to have.

P.P.S. I'll try not to die as much next time.


Anonymous said...

Melvin Frohike! One of my fav TLG members. LoL at that X from the raise. Nice screenshots!

Paul said...

Heheh, thanks! For once I had an excuse to take some snapshots of something other than myself standing by a pond fishing ;)

Hyourin said...

Hey Frohike -

I meant to comment on your blog much sooner then this.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and checking up on things. It brings me much enjoyment that a fellow FFXI writer reads the things I write.

I have since left FFXI but it has been a long process in the making. I actually have some entries left in draft as they are uncompleted.

I hope your return to Vana'diel brings you as much nostaglia and fun as it was when we all first stepped onto our servers. Fishing is something that I never took up. I used to sit around in Korro Tunnels and kill the slime during my off hours. Not for money but because it was something that I did before endgame and it was something that humbled me.

Please do keep writing as far as your adventures and life takes you. If theres one thing about writing and pictures that I enjoy, is that it's a roadmap to take you back from where you came.

Paul said...

Thanks Hyourin, and thank you for reading my blog. I'd be interested to read those posts once you complete them. As for myself, I'm slowly working on an exit strategy as well but it depends upon a variety of factors. For now, I'm staying on for the good company and my Lu Shang's goal which I'm still drawn to. I think the determining factor for me will be the amount of time spent/spendable on the game. If it ceases to be worth the monthly fee, I'll park it again.

Longer term, I'm thinking of writing a wider gaming blog along the lines of some of the smarter gaming conversations out there. Let's just say I'm a huge fan of Brainy Gamer at the moment. I want to do something like that eventually, and I'm pretty sure any hopes of continuing an MMO character will need to be placed on the back burner... indefinitely.