Thursday, July 24, 2008


This old server is getting rather empty, and many of my friends are gone. I'm kind of hanging around for the few folks left on DarkEden, but even that pearl has been mostly empty when I'm online.

I'm tired of being the lone US player in a sea of jaded JP. I'm tired of entertaining activities other than partying because I simply won't get invites in my time slot.

I'm tired of logging into a ghost town full of endgamers.

So I'm looking at fresher servers with more EU players. Possibly Sylph.

I'm not making any rash decisions yet, because I suspect that much of this is caused by the age of the game itself. But I'm getting that feeling that it's time to move on to different pastures.


Jowah said...

I dont really see anything wrong about seeing endgame everywhere; it just depends about the attitude towards it~

I dont know which server is probably best for you, Ragnarok is full of bullshit and JAJAJAJAs but overall it isn't bad :<

Anyway good luck wherever you will end!

Paul said...

I don't mind endgame either. I just can't participate in it due to time constraints. So I like to see activities other than endgame happening on the server as well, which largely isn't the case on Ifrit.

Anonymous said...

leaveing to try and make new friends or enjoying the friends you have when you can?

Paul said...

Well, if you're who I suspect you are, know that it's hard for me to think of stuff like this, but I'm just being honest here.

I can only take solitude for so long before the concept of a friend list becomes another abstraction of the game, which is quite depressing. I stare at this list of a dozen or so people who just aren't on when I am and never communicate with me outside of the game, and I really start to wonder how concrete and sustainable most of these friendships are.

That sounds rather cold. I mean I do truly value the social interaction I get. On a sporadic basis. When I'm lucky.

But that model of friendship is becoming hard for me. I invest emotionally in friendships, maybe a bit too much for my own good. So it's difficult for me to experience this social half-life that I'm currently undergoing.

I don't think I'm going anywhere for awhile... if only because there are a couple of people for whom I still want to remain present.

But sometimes, as the ambient sounds of Vanadiel whisper through my speakers in an unbroken drone and nothing but combat messages scroll across my screen for hours at a time, my mind (and heart) starts to wander. I'm human.

Katella said...

Hey Frohike,
I didn't know you had gone back. I miss you all very much. Please before you change servers, tell the Dark Eden crew (or whats left of them) that I hope they are all well. I wish you the very best whichever decision you make. It was hard to be alone so much of the time.. just waiting on the chance that friends would login, or better yet.. be available to do things. The majority of my closest friends have moved on. Quit to play other games, or even better - to just live life which I'm proud of them for.
I understand what you are going thru.. lately I often wonder if my wanting to play is because I actually think that I want to come back and play, or because of pure nostalgia (sp?), not wanting to lose my connection to those fun times. My health is making the decision for me at the moment.. but who knows what will happen in the future... The only constant, is that everything changes... Take care friend. :)

Tog the Stabbed said...

Hey Froh I understand where you are coming from on this friendship thing. If it weren't for Ifrit's Royal Guard then I might be playing now. Cause I know that if I log on something is shaking or someone is looking to Chat and even if I'm a DRK I could still help out and go on a ridiculous adventures.If you do move I will miss you.
But in the same breath I have to say that I was probably one of your worst friends on Ifrit considering we rarely spoke and that we were both rarely on. I hope the little one is doing well tho and I hope you have fun.