Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah, that's better

After banging my head senseless, I returned to Bibiki Bay to regain my lost experience points. I waited for about 30 minutes for a DNC solo'er to finish, and used my /dance1-4 animations which I'm sure he found extremely funny and had never seen before (yeah, he probably wanted to throttle me). I eventually got the camp and went about 1k into level 31.

Then I moved out to Attowah Chasm L-8 and wished I had done so sooner. The fly pets were giving me 180-200 EXP on average, and I could get chains up to around 3 or so. I didn't heed the guide's advice to bring a Reraise Earring (probably had to something to do with banging my head earlier), and of course eventually had to Warp my way back to town to get one. A couple of deaths notwithstanding, this is the best solo EXP camp I've had on BLM so far. Guess I'll be staying here through 33-34.

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