Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BLM. 30. Solo. Bang Head Here.

I ramped up slowly on my first few days back and basically tele-taxi'd and chatted with the LS. Then it was down to business, and frustration, as I picked up BLM again to carry it from 30 to 37 (or maybe 40, who knows). I'm not sure if any of you remember solo'ing BLM at this point, but there appears to be only one decent camp for 105-180 EXP per kill: Bibiki Bay, H-6, Goblin's Rarab.

One decent camp + any random number of people leveling BLM, WAR, SCH, or any fucking thing at level 29-30ish (since apparently no one parties at these levels any more) = extremely limited camp availability. Every time I logged on, someone was there. Once I actually got the camp, it was decent and I leveled into 31 with a moderate buffer. OK, 300 exp. I was tired of the place.

I rejoiced, ate my Sleepga scroll, misread the solo guide, OP warped over to Zitah, paid 4000 gil to set my HP, and promptly got my ass handed to me by a leech pet.

Huh... weird that he resisted my Sleep. Must be a fluke. No problem! Dust myself off, HP to the outpost, run to the next pet... and grab Goblin agro. I've now deleveled back to 30, am clearly in the wrong EXP area and don't want to go back to Bibiki. But I pretty much have to, or explore some camps in Beaucedine or Attowah that are for 31+.


It's good to be back!


Jowah said...

Exping BLM solo was an horrible experience to me.
I hate soloing, i hate doing things alone in a MMORPG.

Good luck! BLM is awesome! Need 75 for real fun! Not just 37~

Paul said...

75... O_O;

Although I'm honestly enjoying BLM. I just think I'd have more fun with it if I were MB'ing in a party; rather than Nuke 1, Nuke 2, Sleep, Utsusemi, Nuke 1, repeat, repeat.