Monday, November 19, 2007

/fume framerate

Maybe SquareEnix should have consulted Cliff Spradlin before implementing their sloppy version of windowing.

The windowed mode sucks. It essentially downgrades the resolution rather than intelligently adjusting the window size to accommodate the resolution set in the configuration, resulting in unsightly blur, otherwise known as ghetto anti-aliasing. For instance windowing in 1440x900 actually "squeezes" that resolution into something like a 1440x800 window.

Not only did they get the windowing wrong but they crippled the framerate in all modes for no discernible reason.

I've achieved some amount of playability by disabling mip mapping and forcing vertical sync off (rather than "app preference"), but it's still choppy.

I'm also grumpy because I can't use Branson's font pack anymore, but that's the nature of dat-swapping.


Jowah said...

windower mode fails so hardcore -.-
at least i have "decent" fps..... 21ish. Instead of my old 28-30.


Vivien said...

Apparently the frame rate problem comes with using USB keyboard and mouse - how the hell did they fuck that up?


Paul said...

I'm just screwed until they fix it because I use bootcamp and the native laptop keyboard and I still get a lame framerate. Possibly a bootcamp driver causing the problem?

Anyhow, changing my ATI from Direct3D to OpenGL seems to have alleviated some of the problem. Not sure why.

And windowed mode sucks no matter what I do with the background or overlay res. {Too weak}

pahya said...

I hate the new windower -.-

I also have major gamma issues with it. The level of brightness and contrast seems to change every time I switch to a new window. At one point it was so painful to look at the floor of the airship I found something else to do until the ride ended.

Meh on SE.

Paul said...

I had to reduce the gamma in the configuration program. It looks fine under -0.4, with some additional tweaks on the in-game gamma menu (I had to pump mine up a little).

A suggested setting is displayed on the wiki. Check it out.

I didn't decrease mine like they did, since it already verges on the dark side with -0.4, but I'll try it out.