Wednesday, November 28, 2007

20238 Files Remaining

Just ... kill me now. Go ahead, I've got reraise up. -_-;

Anyway, my WotG disc finally arrived yesterday and I attempted to install it, only to be greeted by an "invalid drive Z:\" error due to a recently mapped then disconnected network drive that for the life of me I could no longer find anywhere in any registry on the hard drive.

Stupid Windows...

A re-install did the trick, but of course that also meant a complete rebuild of FFXI from the original version up. Hence the file count.

But not all is technical doom and gloom. In the few sessions I managed to steal over the past week, I've raised my BLM to 30, my WHM to 43, and my fishing to 40, and had the privilege to welcome an old friend, Thitond, back to the game. He began his long hiatus before the ToAU expansion was released, so I've been having fun introducing him to a few Aht Urghan related activities and quests.

I should be back in the saddle in the next few days.


Amarithia said...

I feel your pain :( I've had to reinstall twice in the last week, and am currently using a PC that I dare not turn off lest it never start again. It also is void of a DVD-drive and refuses to recognize it's new one without ... *dundun* a restart.

So I can't even install Wings -.- I hate PCs.

Anonymous said...

I havent had my expansion yet but I did reinstall at least 1 month ago. Clean OS, free AV & Ad cleaners. I made user accounts in order to separate my stuff from the other stuff I do.


Christine said...

/sigh I miss ffxi and playing with my friends =/

lol I'm determined to find something we all can enjoy again soon. :)