Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Semi Off-Topic

I've been having a hard time keeping up with the Destructoid feed lately, but a preview article for The Darkness immediately caught my eye. After the disappointing reviews for Shadowrun, I'm seriously looking forward to this game as my next "smart" FPS. The gameplay mechanic seems sadistically interesting, the graphics are gorgeous, and ... Mike Patton performs the voice of the "darkness." How friggin' perfect is that?

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murrdoc said...

Mike Patton ftw! lol...I was just listening to a Black Flag tribute album on my iPod the other day where he sang Six Pack with the Rollins Band. How funny to see his name come up again this week lol^^

I had the first few issues of The Darkness when it came out...heck, I might still have them stored away. I'm curious to see how the game turns out...looking good so far, and certainly seems tempting. As a fan of shooters and the Resident Evil/Silent Hill games, this may be right up my alley too!