Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Magery and Miscellany

I don't have a large amount of news to post, although the past week had a few highlights.

I've been making steady progress on my black & white mage jobs, bringing BLM to 21 and clearing the way for me to level my WHM to the desired 40. I'm currently at level 23 and breathing a bit easier with Regen and a more MP-efficient Cure2. Looking forward to Raise in a few levels.

Quite a bit of my EXP has been earned in the company of RoughnecksUnited members (the formerly retired shell that was the pre-cursor to Lifthrasir and has now been revived). I've found this to be one of the most pleasant ways to level up in this game and really wish I'd met these people sooner. The two pickup parties I joined in the interim were drab & boring in comparison, even with the noob factor to keep things volatile.

Biblical banter

Seconds before we try a Goblin Bounty Hunter

The EXP was interspersed with a couple of last-minute events. I assisted Littoguy and a group of 7 others (which included Audessa and Darkronin) in the WSNM battle for his Asuran Fists. I barely had a chance to take a snapshot of Bodach before he was defeated.

Littoguy gets his Asuran Fists

Last night, I joined a group from IfritsRoyalGuard (Tog's peeps) on an "exploratory" Einherjar run.

Yeah... we died, all 12 of us, then reraised and died again, but it was fun nonetheless. Apparently the mobs in the first room will all link with their family type, regardless of location, if you attack any of them without killing the single Bird mob that pops and despawns periodically. We, of course, discovered this the hard way.

Yay! Einherjar! ... um ... uh ... {Hmm}


Unfortunately we were all dead when the bird popped, with the exception of a few reraised, weakened players who nearly killed it before it despawned. I'm thinking some sort of status effect needs to be in place to prevent the bird from despawning mid-battle, but that's just a theory. Sac pulls may be needed to enable others to find the bird to begin with. But we didn't see quite enough to get any solid strategies yet.

The rest of the evening was spent with Lexxi (MNK), Maloc (PLD), Quan (BLU), and Murrdoc (SMN) and a couple of party guests at Qufim Island where I went from 21 to 23 in what seemed like a short time, although the hours do go by quickly when you're in the company of good friends.

Roughnecks and a couple of guests

P.S. Lexxi, if you're reading this, this was the film I was talking about. And here's the other one.


Moe said...

I'm sorry Froh ;.;
I thought it would literally be Dynamis style but um...giant roosters...

Paul said...

Are you kidding, Moe? That was fun! I never do stuff like that, and it really was interesting to try something new. I look forward to trying it again. Have to wait at least 3 days though ^_^;

Murrdoc said...

Thanks for the kind words, Fro^^ Like I said before...we're all down to help you take whatever job you like as high as you want to take it, be it whm, blm or...iono...bst? lol

Strangely enough, Fro...I feel like I did PT with you many, many moons ago. In fact, Lex (of course) and Jingy were in that party as well...Crawler's Nest, killing beetles, level 38ish maybe? I would have been on my drk, Lex on whm, and Jing on mnk. Heh...that also happened to be the night that the Roughneck idea began with Jing and I, except he was calling us the "Lemon Roughnecks" >.> To this day, I still don't know why lol.

Regardless, it doesn't matter WHEN all of our paths crossed...what matters is that they did in the first place.

/raises glass

Here's to more crazy adventures with good friends for many, many moons to come :P

JOWAH said...

Einherjar seems very fun!
My friend Michael did that yesterday, and enjoyed it very much, I can't wait to go for it ;_;!

raidenn said...

So how does Eijehrar (cant spell) work?

Paul said...

It's sort of Dragons of Norrath meets Dynamis, set in Aht Urhgan.

No ToAU missions are required. An hourglass-like item can be purchased for 180k (called the Smouldering Lamp) which can generate replicas until the 36 player limit is reached.

You have to be level 60+ to participate.

The basic concept is that there are three "Wings" comprised of three "Chambers" each. In order to progress to the next chamber, all enemies in the current room must be defeated. In order to progress to the next Wing, all three chambers need to be completed. Once all three chambers are complete, you fight a boss.

Rewards are Therion Ichor, which can be collected and traded for various items from an NPC in Nashmau. Abjurations are also obtainable from armory crates.

Moe said...

I'll be sure to keep you uptodate on mah LS's doings Froh and let you have a spot of fun. d^_^;;

Christine said...

Yay for good friends to help pass the boring hours of unending rest, fight, cure, rest, fight, cure...
oh, I was able to add your recommends to my netflix queue ^^ I've moved them towards the top of the list and I'll give you my thoughts soon!

Faulsey said...

And here was me expecting a rundown of a successfull Einherjar ;)

Partying with your LS is probably the best way to level. Unfortunately, I've only experienced it a couple of times at most, though I've often had Frazzle or Kazura, which sort of makes up for it.

Not been keeping up on blogs recently, been a bit disinterested in EVERYTHING right now. -Promises to keep up from now on-

wyred said...

check your email! gmail one. :)