Sunday, March 04, 2007

Light of Mea

Last night, Lifthrasir had a very successful Promyvion Mea run. We were all a bit saddened that Murrdoc wouldn't be joining us, and not necessarily for the selfish reasons of enjoying his company and help... He was dealing with one of his dogs, who had become very ill, and probably lethally so. I know what it feels like to go through something like that, and my heart goes out to him.

The run to the spire went extremely well. Not a single death was suffered by anyone in the group, although we unfortunately lost Lexxi to a disconnect between floors. She had been graciously escorting us to the spire, since she's already on CoP chapter 2-3.

Unlike the Holla run, we had to sprint through quite a gauntlet of enemies on the final floor. And in a strange reversal of the last Promy, I neglected to take snapshots until we were actually at the spire and in the BC fight. Go figure.

Well, Delver, I guess this is the part where you get pwned.

The final battle went extremely well, despite a couple of un-hystero'd Carousel moves. We barely got through our hysteroanima rotation before the battle was over, setting a new time record.

A special thanks to Zorrandor for his navigational skills, and to Quan for stepping up to the plate and coordinating the anima rotation. Good job, everyone!


Maurice said...

Congrats! I hope you don't trip up on hte Minataur or anything :P

Katella said...

Just curious.. what was your party set up? I'm looking to go again this next week, and have been unsuccessfull the last two times.. ><.

Paul said...

Hope I get this right...

I believe the setup was


I know all the melees were subbing Ninja. I'm just not sure whether Raikoh came on his PLD or not. He was wearing lots of Kampf/Eisen gear, so I'm fairly certain.

5/6 of us had Hystero and Psycho animas at the ready. 2 had Terroanimas in case something went wrong.