Monday, March 12, 2007

Light of Dem

I just want to quickly report that Lifthrasir was successful in getting through Promyvion Dem on Saturday night. With the exception of a party wipe at the 'bottleneck' area on the third floor (agro'd a Gorger and Wanderer/Weeper), we had a fairly straightforward run. I took point on the sprint though the gauntlet and made it to the spire zone with 120HP left. {Adventure}!

I've left Frohike sitting in the Tavnazian Safehold as I attend a conference in Orlando. Yes, I'm in a Disneyworld resort, and yes, it is an exceedingly bizarre location for a convention. >.>

I'll be quite busy tomorrow but hope to upload pictures soon; love...Lufaise Meadows!

Congratulations to everyone on the team who made the run a success.

Addendum: Here's the photo set (click the image to launch the set).



JOWAH said...

You will love Misareux more than lufaise, anyway...congratulations!^^

Now one of the biggest cop troubles are done, so gogo!

And disneworld ....;_;! /envies

Katella said...

Congrats ^^
I just got their myself on Saturday (there being Lufaise Meadows - not Disney although I think I'd like to be in Disney ^^)

I haven't gotten a chance to explore, but I'm excited. :)

Have a safe trip ^^

Darrett said...

Congratulations. Enjoy the Buggards, Formors, Orcses, and Gigas.

Anonymous said...

Nice Journal:)

I noticed a while ago that you changed the background resolutions etc and made the game look a lot better (the screenshots of the Temple look great). You mentioned something about going into the registery and changing the UI .dats or something. Care to point me in the right direction with how its done?

Thanks - any help appreciated