Thursday, June 22, 2006

Red crawlers, eh?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks that the classic pallette swap syndrome in the new zones is a little... lame. But at least the Crawlers, I mean "Eruca", make for good EXP and really don't offer any weird surprises as far as TP moves.

I got an invitation from a Japanese RDM named Reefa whom I had partied with the night before in Wajaom Woodlands. This time, the camp was in Bhaflau Thickets on the eastern side of G-8, and the target mob was exclusively the Date Eruca.

Party makeup was RDM, BRD, WAR, WAR, BLU, NIN, and remained that way for about an hour until the other Warrior had to log out for some sleep. I was a bit envious over his Tungi, until I noticed that the TP gain was only moderately faster and the Rampages on average, seemed to be lower than mine... but this could have been a combination of factors (namely Accuracy/STR/Attack balancing on the rest of the gear). In any case he was clearly a dedicated player and knew how to play the job, as were the others, making for a fun party and painless EXP. And swapping in another BLU for the WAR didn't seem to slow things down in the least.

I received approximately 12k in about 2.5 hours of partying, and the party D2'd right when I was thinking about finding a replacement & getting some sleep. In the process of partying, I capped both Axe and Great Axe, without a noticeable decrease in performance with the GA which was nice. All in all, a perfect EXP night for me.

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