Monday, June 19, 2006

Amemet + 1 acquired. Genkai 4 complete.

Not a whole lot to report aside from the title. Well, maybe a bit more.

I attempted another EXP session on Friday night, which ended up being a waste of 2 hours with no points gained. The party took the typical 30-40 minutes to form and decided to camp in the Labyrinth of Onzozo. I'd been in here before and had good results and knew what to expect in terms of aggro, zone layout, and mob AOE (silence/paralysis). I even knew the two main camps for our level range. The problem was no one bothered to check the zone population first. There were 2 parties at the G-6 location, and none of us had really camped the I-6 as a standalone group before (I'd camped there with another party before). The leader thought we could handle the I-6 camp alone, which I should have objected to, and at least one other member did in fact complain about... and you can probably guess the rest.

A Torama popped on our tail in the middle of a battle and aggrod the SMN, who stopped healing the Ninja tank, who died despite my 2-hour, which turned the mob to me when the tank died, which resulted in my death... and it all ended in a party wipe, with another Torama walking over our corpses for good measure. A friend of mine came by, brought another friend to clear the mobs, and raised me and the SMN. We eventually WarpII'd all of our sorry tails out of there. Fortunately we had killed a few Toramas before the wipe, so it ended up as a wash in terms of EXP (woot?).

While I was busy getting nothing done on the EXP front, the price of Poison Potion went back to the 40k range, so I was happy to find about 200k on my Jeuno mule when I logged in the next day. The price of the Amemet Mantle+1 dropped to 1.77 mil, so my post-purchase gil fund wasn't quite as low as I thought it would be, but still low enough to warrant another 2-hr crafting session to get into the comfortable 200k range. The brief sessions I had over the weekend consisted in fishing, and completing the Genkai 4 quest.

I might put my flag up again tonight if I'm feeling up for it, since I've got all of my gear & food out of storage anyway and would love to try out my new mantle. If I had the time, I'd craft up some more gil for at least one Victory Ring, but the STR bonus compared to my current setup just doesn't warrant the time it would least for now.

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