Saturday, August 29, 2009

With FFXIV a ways off...

I'm waxing nostalgic over this game. How is everyone doing? What is the state of this game? Is the player population still healthy on Ifrit? The economy, still stable?

I'm honestly thinking of re-activating old Frohike and going on another journey.


Foxmulder said...

Hey Frohike, where's Langley? :P

Ifrit's still fairly healthy. I can EXP with a good amount of people. My linkshell, Endeavour (formerly Driven) still does regular events. Other LSes seem active still as well.

Hope to see you around.

Katella said...

Nostalgia can really get to all of us can't it.. hehe! I think I've reactivated my account twice because of it!.. :) If you end up doing it, tell everyone hi for me! Miss them, miss playing with all you guys! If resources were available at the moment, I'd be tempted to join ya.. ^^

Paul said...

I'm back on, but basically just fishing. I barely have time for anything else, even blogging. If I do end up EXP'ing it will probably be on a solo job, but when it comes to grinding, I'd honestly rather do it elsewhere where I can be more productive in less time and spend some of it with my kids (offline RPGs or Wizard 101...which you should check out with your kids btw, Katella).

I'm in a social shell with Audy, Coz & Bobbyk, Foxmulder above, and the group is quite lively and friendly. I'll pass your greetings along ;)

Raikoh said...

Always welcome to come back man :D