Monday, November 03, 2008

On the eve of another short hiatus...

I decide to update. So Fallout 3 came out last week, and I'm deeply addicted, which means most if not all of my available FFXI time has gone... for now.

So to all of you on Ifrit who read this occasionally, I haven't quit again. I'm just busy playing something else ;-)

Most of my activity since the last post consisted of leveling Alchemy, from 62 to 70, and making up the skillup cost in steady sales of consumables and a few Halcyon Rods.

Other miscellaneous accomplishments/activities include capping my sword skill (finally!) and taking up Dancer which I was able to level from 1 to 10 in a couple of sessions. Hooray for Drain Samba!

Anyhow, back to post-nuclear Washington DC! I'll see you all in a few.


Mr. said...

You know, Frohike, I've read your blog (when you've made posts) for over a year. In May, I transfered to Ifrit. I think I've partied with you. I know I've chatted with you.

I just NOW realize you (the blog writer) were the Frohike on Ifrit.

My character name is Foxmulder, btw. XD

Stealth said...

Hey man! Been a while since I read your blog so I just thought I'd come back and take a look haha.. Don't know if you still remember me. Subscribed through RSS so I'll be reading all your posts from now on :)

I've tried starting a blog again, though I don't play FFXI anymore I post about other stuff..

Fallout 3 is great, isn't it? I'm loving it so far.

Moe said...

A good reason for a Hiatus! A very anticipated game and considering you probably played the originals, I have not, you wanna tear into it. :P
Have fun, I'll be busy running around in FFXI XD

Anonymous said...

I wish you and your Family a Happy and safe Holiday

Paul said...

Thank you, kind Anon.

I'll be making a return shortly. Fallout 3 has ceased to distract me, I've made some headway through my backlog of anime, and my game time is clearing out a bit (still tinkering with Civ: Revolution, but nearly done).

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years old friend, Its good to hear you are doing well at least some of us are in this hard times