Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today's Idle Thought on Idle Thoughts

I'm wondering if I'm aberrant in doing this, but since FFXI fills much of my leisure time, I often catch myself daydreaming about certain aspects of the game. This usually happens during down time at work, or browsing the FFXIclopedia during the few moments when the kids are entertaining themselves.

Maybe daydreaming isn't the right word, but something more along the lines of a mental "login"?

It's hard to describe, but it strikes me that I still do this after four years of playing.

My sessions currently consist of:
  • Virtual check-ins with friends. Wondering how their day has gone, what they're up to in RL and Vanadiel.
  • Fishing and crafting plans
  • Estimating X amount of time before getting X amount of gil for X item
So, do you do this as well? If so, what do your virtual sessions in Vana'diel consist of?


wyred said...

One morning when I woke up while still lying on bed and half asleep, I tried to check besiege map (/bmap) in my mind to see if there's any incoming besiege.

I cut down my play time a lot after that, lol

Shutter Mama said...

I'm always glad you log in to see what's going on :) I've got until the end of the month before I actually delete my charactors so hopefully I'll see you around and everyone else so I can say goodbye. I think I'll fill my nocturnal time with online classes? We'll see :)

Feon said...

:3 Yeah I do that too Paul I call it the FFXI Bug XD Its what keeps us playing Friends upgrades to do bigger things with friends and DIEING! with Friends XD

Avatarati (Speck) said...

LOL I do the same thing. My virtual sessions consist of a schedule that I try to adhere to when I log in. Such as... I'm going to kill this to get this drop then head here, finish this quest, look for party, get this level, etc etc. Of course, it never goes that way :P

Moe said...

Yes, I do EXACTLY that a lot.