Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CoP Prep, Assault, Ark Angels

I've logged in every other night or so for the past couple of weeks, chipping away at various things as best I can, with the help of my friends.

The Roughnecks, to my knowledge, are all ready to fight Diabolos, with the possible exception of Ahmber who I don't believe has a Pso'Xja chip yet. Various time constraints and vacations have kept us from proceeding further, but we should see a Diabolos run sometime soon.

I'm finally close to capping Great Axe (hooray for Besieged!), something I've sorely needed to complete, especially considering the 2-handed weapon adjustment. I'm kicking myself for not having purchased a Berserker's Axe back when they were going for 150k. The update has unfortunately caused a spike in price, 600k now being the going rate. Guess my Gawain's Axe will have to do for now.

Ever happy to bring another DRG into the game, I helped a newcomer to the Roughnecks LS, Rendsoul, in completing his dragon fight.


Other nights have alternated between various Assaults (finally got Private First Class! yay!) and gradual Ark Angel victories with the DarkEden group.





We haven't had too much trouble, with the exception of the Elvaan PLD/WHM who has been regularly wiping the floor with us.


Highlights from the battles include a nasty charm from the Mithra, causing me to kill Feon and Cozmos successively. Fortunately this was merely comedic and not disastrous, since Redwing nuked her to death.


Another priceless moment consisted of me trying to kite the Elvaan when Feon went down. I seriously need more kiting practice. Feon gave me some tips, so I hopefully won't blow it on the next attempt.


Feon said...

Argh I had a whole comment typed out but I dont know it didnt post it lol retype it later lol

Faulsey said...

Whoa, ark angels, fun :)

Well, if eating cermet is your idea of fun, that is :\

Shame your not a RDM, if you wanted kiting tips you could go to kazura /grin

Gogo Diabolos! Diabolos is actually quite a fun fight, even with horrible, horrible death :) I remember doing it with CC...