Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It lives!

I guess my birthday is an appropriate day to assure everyone that I'm still very much alive. My FFXI schedule took a beating this month, mostly because I'm running out of steam as far as the game is concerned, but I do enjoy logging in to spend time with friends. Bioshock claimed a good portion of my time this past week, but I'll be logging on a bit more frequently in the coming weeks.

As a quick recap of occurrences since my last post.

8/11: helped Ahmber get his LB2. Always fun to fight those NMs.

8/12: completed my Attowah Chasm map quest, with Feon's assistance for the Mandy fight at Purgo Isle.

8/18: completed the last leg of the "Road Forks" CoP Mission with the kind help of Feon/Ishy and Coz. Antlion fight, and a nice climb up that mountain at Attowah Chasm. Yes, I fell once -_-

8/21: did some farming in Pso'Xja, but didn't get a chip to drop. Did however get a chest key and a Florid Stone, so my time wasn't entirely wasted.

8/22 until last night: Bioshock, Bioshock, and some more Bioshock.


Christine said...

I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say WE MISSED YOU! :)

I finally climbed the mountain with an old friend; Naustico. It was quick but scary x.x

I just need to warp back and talk to Cid and I'll be at the same point as doc, q and mal.

Hopefully I'll see ya soon!

Murrdoc said...


I hope your family spoiled you well and good...you deserve it!

We've missed you tons bro, but we totally understand the need to take a break^^

I may be in a similar position shortly...desire...to...get...Bioshock...growing...stronger...


Hope to see you soon back in Vana'diel, man!! Time to go get that ol' Diabolos!

wyred said...

Happy birthday :)

tsakiki said...

Happy Birthday!

Frazzle said...

Happy Birthday
and bioshock is a perfectly good excuse to not play FFXI (just cos thats mine :P)

Faulsey said...


Not another bioshock addict.

Nuuu ; ;

Belated happy birthday, though :)

Moe said...

Happy belated b-day, sorry for the miss.
Bioshock is good, bioshock is all XD